Flooding Around The Henley -On-Thames Area

January 11, 2014  •  3 Comments

With the Thames getting ever wider, and flooding becoming widespread around the area, I ventured over into the Henley area to see how things were. It really was a lot worse than I had anticipated, with fields flooded for some considerable distance either side of the river. Starting out at Remenham Church, walking to Aston, I took some photos along the way, never being able to get anywhere near the banks of the river due to the flooding.

As you can see it was a lovely day with blue sky and sunshine, which is always a plus point for me, when out for a walk. 

This is usually many acres of field, rather than an extension of the Thames. If you look very closely you can see the moon in the sky at the top right hand corner. The river is way, away in the distance.

A magnificent tree sits atop its own island of grass, which you could reach by a narrow elevated pathway.
Couldn't resist an abstract pattern in the water.
At least this cyclist manages to stay dry, riding along the elevated path.
The water was a little deeper than this cyclist anticipated, and only realised when he was in too deep. He had wanted to reach the path in the distance, but had to give up and turn back, with two very wet, cold feet for his troubles. I, of course, did my best not to chuckle at his error!

I saw some movement in the grass by the water's edge, and found this little furry creature nestling in amongst the blades of grass. It didn't mind having its photo taken either.
More trees in the water, this time slowing the shutter speed right down, to give the water a smooth appearance. 
Believe it or not the row of tall trees in the far distance is the river bank, that the low warm sun is lighting up.
This row of trees and its reflection, caught my eye.
If I am honest if I saw this photo without knowing where it was taken, around Henley wouldn't be the first location that sprang to mind. What about you?


Sandra Byrne(non-registered)
Fabulous photos Dave. I went out last week but it was a really grey day so pics are lousy!!
Bob Keene(non-registered)
Is it just me or does the water in the first shot appear to be moving? Great shots Dave.
Des Hassell(non-registered)
Beautiful series of a rare local event in great light conditions. My favourite is the one of the cyclist in the mid distance who almost looks like he is riding on the surface of the water.
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