DAMP-PICS: Blog https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog en-us (C) DAMP-PICS [email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/img/s/v-12/u741814934-o926147465-50.jpg DAMP-PICS: Blog https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog 120 113 Castle Combe Autumn Classic https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/10/castle-combe-autumn-classic On Saturday 7th October I headed down to Castle Combe for their Autumn Classic. As usual got their quite early and parked up literally 20 metres from the track, which means there is no long slog back to the car at the end of a tiring day. Although lacking the grandeur of some other classic events, it has a real feel of a small friendly club event, devoid of any pretensions and much better for that. With plenty of viewing up close to the track and plenty of space meant that moving around was no problem at all, as, wherever you stopped there was an empty bit of fence, to view the action over. The Paddock was open to all as well, so you could see the machinery up close, but don't be fooled into thinking that this is a lower rated event, there was some serious machinery there being driven by serious racers, resulting in proper hard fought racing.

The Weather Forecast had predicted rain and for once they were accurate and the circuit was awash with water at the start of proceedings.


But no starting behind a safety car or sitting in the pits for this hardened bunch as they couldn't wait to get out and splash around.


Water splashing everywhere.


More suited to swimming in rather than driving on!


This Ulster nearly underwater.


Almost floating on the water.


At least in the dark and gloomy conditions brightly coloured cars such as this stood out.


The mighty Mustang on a wet slippery track is really best only driven by the very brave!

Accelerating hard out of the corner, hoping that the rear tyres find some grip.


At least with the engine in the boot there is plenty of weight over the rear wheels to help traction.


Bombing down the straight.


At least the rain had stopped before this F1 car came out for a demonstration run.


A fierce wind soon began to dry the track out, much to many of the driver's delight. Not all the machinery was of the more exotic type, but the commitment was every bit as great.


The racing was very close at times.


The cat purrs along.


Three abreast fighting it out.


It may be small but it was very fast.


With a damp slippery track, not all the drivers were going to be pointing in the right direction all the time.


Obviously thought he had entered the RallyCross.


Despite the pouring rain at the start of the day, and it being so bad that it drowned my camera for the first time ever, which luckily sparked back into life after 45 mins in the drying wind, it really was a great day out. Great action and no crowding made it a date to put in the diary once again for next year. Many thanks to the Marshalls who stood out in terrible conditions and to the brave owners and drivers who put on such a good show.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) aston martin castle combe classic car jaguar lotus rain wet https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/10/castle-combe-autumn-classic Wed, 11 Oct 2017 19:25:28 GMT
Festival Of Speed 2017 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/7/festival-of-speed-2017 With an alarm clock set for the early side of 5am on Thursday 29th June, it was time to head down to Goodwood for the Festival Of Speed. It has to be something very special to get the alarm set that early, and the FoS certainly is a very special event. For one thing it is absolutely huge, and would take far more than the one day I go for, to see it all. The diversity and quality of the cars on display is quite breathtaking, if you like any sort of vehicle then there will be something here for you to enjoy.


The boss, Lord March on his early morning inspection walk to make sure everything is as it should be.


First port of call for us was the paddock so that we could get up close to the cars before the crowds start arriving. As you will appreciate, the cars are very accessible.


A damp looking Porsche resting.


Time to admire the details.


Not one but four rampant cavallino's!


They may only be go faster stripes, but probably the most iconic ones ever!


Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity.


Vulcan AMR, in case you found the standard model a bit slow!


Porsche headlight.


Plenty to look at in the F1 paddock too.


Takes you back a few years doesn't it?


Lamborghini sporting a trendy matt paintjob.


Not all cars need to be kept clean, some wear their patina with pride, and rightly so.


Dirty business, this winning at Le Mans!


Not sure whether he was supposed to be in there or not.


Of course it is all very well looking at cars parked up, but they are undoubtably best viewed when they are on the move, especially when they are making so much noise that the ground shakes, like this one.


Just to prove that not all Porsche's are made for tarmac.


Jaguar decided to constantly wheelspin their F Types around this arena, filling the air with the smell of burnt rubber.


The off road brigade were very entertaining, and were determoined to get some 'big air'.


I do hope his food is safe in there, or is he making scrambled eggs on the go?


Big wheels and tyres for a hot hatch.


Kicking up the dust.


Watch out! Low flying car about!


As they used to say, 'You can, in a Nissan'.


The specialist suspension soaked up all that could be thrown at it without drama.


Think all the very long travel suspension has been used up at the front.

All in all a fantastic day out, with so much to see and an awful lot more I didn't see, looking forward to FoS 2018.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2017 Classic Car Ferrari Festival Of Speed Goodwood Lamborghini Porsche https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/7/festival-of-speed-2017 Mon, 03 Jul 2017 19:58:37 GMT
Prescott La Vie en Bleu https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/6/prescott-la-vie-en-bleu Saturday 27th May saw us heading down to Gloucestershire, to have a look at Prescott's event, La Vie en Bleu incorporating La Vita Rossa, which means French and Italian marques were to be the main focus of the event. However, there was a wide range of machinery on offer to enjoy, and a wide range of weather to match, from rain to blistering sunshine to a very cold breezes! 

Plenty of polishing and cleaning going on in the paddock, to present their pride and joy in the best possible condition.


The Italian contingent I presume!


Chain & sprocket of enormous proportions on the Beast Of Turin.


£2½ million of the finest automobile engineering in motion!


As the home of the Bugatti Trust, obviously the cars from Molshiem featured prominently on the agenda at Prescott.


Red wheels in motion.


There was also a fine selection of ERA's, to show what the English could do, too!


Bit lacking in creature comforts, but more than makes up for that in the fun department!


The mighty Beast of Turin, a frightening machine!


A Fast Frenchman!


An Opel Tigra, with a few modifications!


Mini On The Move.


Meaty Marcos in a colour assuring that you don't miss it.


No need to worry about the paintwork!


This Miura Jota recreation made a glorious noise attacking the hill!


Bugatti through the trees.


Yellow Ferrari flying along.


ERA in full flow, only to be driven by the very skillfull at this sort of speed!


May be lacking in tyre width but certainly not in commitment!


All too soon, even though we had enjoyed over 9 hours of great action, is was time for us to depart through the agricultural section!

A great fun packed day in a glorious part of the countryside, many thanks to all those that made it happen. If you haven't been to Prescott then I thoroughly recommend it, a lovely relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of room to move around and non stop action makes it a winmer all round.



[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Bugatti Classic Car ERA Ferrari Hillclimb Prescott https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/6/prescott-la-vie-en-bleu Fri, 02 Jun 2017 19:38:20 GMT
WEC at Silverstone 2017 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/5/wec-at-silverstone Easter weekend found us heading up to Silverstone, for the Saturday, to see the WEC cars practise and qualify, followed in the afternoon by the 4 hour ELMS race. It was action all the way, from 9am until 6-30pm, and with plenty of room to move around, we had plenty of time to explore the circuit. With a freezing wind, the excercise was very welcome to keep us warm!

Flags were flying in the breeze!


Giving the transporter a polish up. 


With unlimited access to the paddocks, you were never quite sure what you would see whizzing round.


Peeking into the garages in the pit lane, we found all sorts of equipment lurking.


Spare parts of all descriptions could be viewed up close as the teams endeavour to cover any eventuality.


The only parts of the car to be in contact with the tarmac, are so very important.


The stars of the WEC show, the full LMP1 machines, packing around 1000 hp, literally flew around the track.


Rather confusingly, the two top teams, Porsche and as seen here Toyota, both sport similar red, black & white liveries.


The slower class of cars were swiftly dispatched by the LMP1s.


Although the next rung down, the LMP2's made a lovely noise.


The Ferrari being hunted down by the faster car.


One of the more interesting liveries.


Note the various aerodynamic devices to push the air around the car for maximum effect.


Look who is in the spotlight in the pit lane!


There was also a bit of single seater action to entertain us.


Now, I am no Adrian Newey, but even I can see that this might be a bit heavy on the front end downforce here!


Never one to walk past an interesting scene, I still have no idea whatsoever what this was all about!


Then, in the afternoon, we had the aforementioned ELMS race, like the WEC consisting of various classes of car.


Don't be fooled into thinking this sunny scene meant it was a warm day!


Lots of downforce ensure very fast cornering speeds.


Yellow and green, mean machine.


When viewed from this angle, you can begin to realise just how low the driver is in the car.


Every curve in the bodywork, has no doubt been designed for maximum efficiency.


The finest sounding machines of the whole day, a real baritone bark.


The racing really was this close as you can just make out the second car in the pic behind the red one.


Splashes of colour, all over the car.


Someone running off line created this dust cloud.


For some traditionalists, the only colour a Ferrari should be painted in!


Flat out and fearless!


A green Ferrari?? Ummhh!


With the various winglets on the front and the giant diffuser on the back, the car is literally being sucked down onto the tarmac.


A stricken car being lifted out of harms way.


Red cars in convoy.


Action all around.


Now that is what you call a proper rear wing.


Fastest ice cream wagon!

It really was a great day of action on the track, and along with the open to all paddock, I would highly recommend you give the WEC a visit next year.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Aston Martin ELMS Ferrari LMP1 Porsche Silverstone Toyota WEC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/5/wec-at-silverstone Wed, 03 May 2017 19:35:53 GMT
Brooklands Museum Auto Italia 2017 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/5/brooklands-museum-auto-italia-2017 On Saturday April 29th, we headed back down to Brooklands Museum, for their Auto Italia event, one of the most popular events hosted by the museum. The finest, and sometimes the not so finest, examples of Italian transport of all shapes, sizes and ages. A true eclectic mix resulting in there being something to appeal to everyone, from the Fiat 500's to the most exotic of Italian speed machines.


Making a glorious noise this Pantera was sure to make people look and listen.


The world's first true supercar, so they say. Not bad for a tractor maker!


Resting Maserati.


Now, those are go faster stripes.


Anytime, anywhere, I believe is what the adverts used to say.


Every corner you turned, you uncovered some more stylish gems.


Had a poster of this car on my wall when I was younger, still turns heads wherever it goes now, alas I don't!


Line of Lancias.


One of the more unusual vehicles on show.


A rather novel way of carrying your spare wheel around.


All from a bygone era.


Like my good self it seems that a Fiat 500 has grown outwards in recent years!


Looking rather mean and menacing.


At last I found some exotica, more suited to my budget.


Only need to see part of the rear to recognise a true icon!


One of the more unusual paintjobs on show.


Some of the restoration on show was simply stunning.


Refined elegance at its best.


There is always more than one solution to any one problem.


How low can you go?


Of course these fine cars are best viewed on the move, and over at MB World we were treated to just that.


Little pocket rocket.


A very famous OSCA.


All options covered.


Not sure if the extra weight in the boot is for better traction or not?


A very glamourous and expensive traffic jam as this convoy prepares to drive home.

Once again another superb event at Brooklands, many thanks to all the people that made it happen.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2017 500 Auto Italia Brooklands Brroklands Museum Ferrari Fiat Lamborghini Maserati https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/5/brooklands-museum-auto-italia-2017 Mon, 01 May 2017 15:09:58 GMT
Around Paddington Basin https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/3/around-paddington-basin On Sunday Feb 26th I trained into London, to have a look around the redevelopment of Paddington Basin and surrounding area. A place I had been wanting to visit for some time, and I wasn't disappointed by what I found, which is always good. Starting off at Paddington Station, moving onto Paddington Basin, then walking along the canal to Little Venice, followed by a leisurely amble back to Paddington Station to catch the train home, was the itinery for the day. The only disappointment was the weather, a windy, grey, overcast day wth occasional showers, but then again it could have been a lot worse in February!

Some of the new development around the basin.


The only way to deliver supplies to the moored boats in the Basin.


Of course with any area undergoing substantial redevelopment, you are never far away from a crane.


The only way to build in these parts seems to be upwards.


Now making our way to Paddington Central, and the office workers obviously get hungry!


Glass and stone of all colours.


There will be water for the buildings to reflect in, along with some assorted discarded rubbish.


Trains on the line.


Everywhere you look up there are tall buildings to admire.


A very futuristic piece of architecture.


So many windows to keep clean.


Windows reflected in windows, patterns everywhere.


Horizontal meets vertical.


When in the capital, you have to take a photo of a red bus, to prove it is London.


Probably fair to say, not the prettiest selection of buildings you are ever likely to see.


The peaceful scerenity of Little Venice seems a world away from the office blocks around Paddington, but only a 10 minute walk brings you to this different world.


Colourful boats to brighten up the greyest of days.


With weary feet I made my way back to Paddington station.


I just love these old french vans, but do wonder if there is a single one left that hasn't been converted to a coffee wagon.


Travellers waiting on the platform.

As usual, on any trip to London there was a huge amount to see and take photos of, and can highly recommend a visit to this area for a day out.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Barge Canal Little Venice London Offices Paddington Station https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/3/around-paddington-basin Thu, 02 Mar 2017 22:45:34 GMT
VSCC Pomeroy Trophy At Silverstone https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/2/vscc-pomeroy-trophy-at-silverstone On Saturday 18th Feb I headed to Silverstone to attend the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy, an event that has been running since 1952, and one that I have never managed to attend before. A light hearted but still very competitive for some season opener at Silverstone saw a morning of Driving Tests followed by a Regularity Time Trial in the afternoon on the full GP circuit. A more eclectic mix of cars competing you will probably not see at any other event, as long as it is road registered it is eligible. It was a bitterly cold, misty start to the day, and although the mist did eventually go away unfortunately the temperature never really moved upwards. 

Warm cups of tea and coffee were the order of the day, as competitors started to get ready for the day's events.


Cars began to be awakened and started to make their way down to the paddock holding area.


Some owner's cars took refuge in the pit garages.


As always, some last minute fettling before the action starts.


Racing numbers duly applied, along with tape over the headlights.


Last minute checks complete, and words of wisdom offered before the off.


Yes it really was that foggy!


Careful now don't exceed the pit lane speed limit!


Sophistication in motion through the Driving Tests.


MG on the move.


Cones safely negotiated.


Out on track for the afternoon's fun.


Mini motoring along.


The full GP circuit allowed the cars to really stretch their legs.


Onboard puncture replacement kit.


A joy to see a Bentley being used as it should be, no trailer queens here.


One of the more colourful entries, I do hope he removed the Labrador and antique furniture out of the boot before he started to rush around like this.


A bit of American muscle to make the earth rumble.


Austin Healey leading the pack.

Even with the cold and gloomy conditions a great day out, with a wide variety of machinery being driven enthusiastically, and a deserted Silverstone to wander around, what's not to like? Think 'The Pom' will be an event for me to visit each year from now on, and can highly recommend it to you all. Many thanks to all that made it happen, both to the hardened Marshall's that braved the elements all day, as well as the competitors for putting on such a great show.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Bentley Classic Car MG Mini Mustang Pomeroy Trophy Silverstone VSCC Volvo https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/2/vscc-pomeroy-trophy-at-silverstone Sun, 19 Feb 2017 20:56:46 GMT
VSCC Driving Tests At Brooklands Museum https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/1/vscc-driving-tests-at-brooklands-museum As we headed towards the end of January, we found ourselves heading back to Brooklands Museum where they were hosting the VSCC Driving Tests on Jan 29th. A wide variety of pre WW2 era vehicles, tackled a number of tests, marked out with cones, against the clock. Although there wasn't a frost in the morning, I think it fair to say that it was still a cold day, made colder by the occasional rain shower, that helped to make the tests more slippery and challenging.

Of course before any competitor could go anywhere, the vehicles had to pass the Scrutineering.


Timeless cameos appeared around the Museum.


Yes, that would do me very nicely!


Little & Large


All right in white.


A very eyecatching paint job.


Now that is what old cars are all about, having fun in them.


A couple of spare wheels carried just in case.


Certainly not hanging around.


Bit of chassis lightening.


Carefully eyeing up which direction to head off to next.


Route card in eye line, or you could call it pre war sat nav.


Even some reversing was required.


Not all vehicles were low sprung and sporty.


Sublime sophistication of superb Alfa.


Traffic jam VSCC style.


Frazer Nash performing before a gallery of photographers.


MG on the move.


Bit of a lean.


Three wheel Morgan getting a move on.


Of course there is always a chance to catch up and have a natter among some engineering masterpieces.


An elderly engine getting some close inspection.


Then at the end of the day it was time to head home to get warmed up.

Another great day out at Brooklands Museum, many thanks to all those that made the day happen, and many thanks to the owners for bringing out their machinery and driving them with enthusiasm.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2017 Austin Brooklands Classic Car VSCC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/1/vscc-driving-tests-at-brooklands-museum Sun, 29 Jan 2017 21:42:02 GMT
Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/1/bicester-heritage-sunday-scramble Sunday 8th January saw us driving up the M40, with a destination of Bicester Heritage for their first Sunday Scramble of 2017. It got off to a wet start but dried up the longer the day went on, which was good. A huge variety of vehicles descended on the former RAF airfield, to be displayed among the nostalgic wartime buildings, which are now being restored to house many businesses conected with classic cars and planes.


One of the smaller cars driving in.


An MG set for take off!


Always good to see a bit of American muscle out on show.


It really is a great setting to show your car off.


Probably more suited to a bit of Californian cruising in the sunshine, than having a bath in Bicester.


Fetching paint job.


Sometimes, simplicity has its own charm.


Not all have to be gleaming to have appeal.


Not forgetting the military.


Menacing Cobra in the shadows.


Patriotic engine bay of this immaculate piece of Italian engineering.


Room with a view!


Not the fastest car, but one of the cutest.


Steamy windows.


On of the nice featues of the Sunday Scrambles, is that many of the specialists open their doors for you to have a close look at their work.


Discussing the classics.


It is even nostalgic inside the buildings.


Pristine Austin.


Ready to be blasted.


Even the push bikes look very stylish.

Once again a great day out, many thanks to all those that made it possible. Look forward to the next one.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2017 Alfa Romeo Austin Bicester Heritage Classic Car Cobra Hotrod MG Mclaren Sunday Scramble https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/1/bicester-heritage-sunday-scramble Sun, 08 Jan 2017 21:10:05 GMT
Brooklands Museum On New Years Day https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/1/brooklands-museum-on-new-years-day As the old year slipped away and we found ourselves on the first day of the new one, it meant only one thing, time to head to Brooklands Museum for their New Years Day event. A huge and diverse range of machinery filled up the Museum grounds, and there was surely something there for everyone to enjoy, whatever your favourite variety happened to be. 


Full of Gallic charm.


The historic banking soon started to fill up.


They came in all shapes and sizes.


A line of Lancias


And a row of Rovers


You have to admire the owners for bringing cars this immaculate out, on what was a pretty damp and dreary day.


Absolutely pristine Jaguar


There is always something at this event, that is truly unique and special, and this Citroen is a very rare thing indeed.


Of course some of the cars had a more 'weathered' look, and wore it with a charm all of their own.


Wouldn't have thought the speed bumps were much problem for this high rise special.


Back to basics.....


Sporting a very unique handbrake.


Remind you of anyone?????


You have to admire the level of craftsmanship that goes into a car to achieve a finish like this.


Here's looking at you.


Very racy.


Not forgetting the two wheeled fraternity.


Even some of the flying exhibits had been given a radical paintjob!


Vest with a message.


Even the Museum wildlife came out to have a look at the event.


As the rain got heavier, it was time to call it a day and head home. A fantastic way to start the year off, many thanks to all the staff and volunteers, and to the hundreds of owners who brought their pride and joys out for the day for us to admire.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2017 Aston Martin Brooklands Citroen Classic Car Jaguar MG https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2017/1/brooklands-museum-on-new-years-day Wed, 04 Jan 2017 21:36:29 GMT
Along The River Thames https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/12/along-the-river-thames On the afternoon of Sunday 4th December I went for a walk along the Thames from Boulters Lock towards Cookham. Being local, it is a walk I have done many times before, but on this afternoon the low winter sun was particularly effective at lighting up the opposite bank with a very pleasing, dramatic effect. The wintry sun brought out all the rich colours, better than I had seen before.

The different shades of colour on offer.


Golden colour really glistening in the sun.


The rich warmth of this foliage stands out from its surroundings.


What was particularly intriguing was how still the Thames was, at times replicating a calm lake, rather than a river.


A little bit of greenery amongst the leafless trees.


Charming Boathouse on the Cliveden estate.


Of course a few ripples make a pleasant change at times.


The colours on the water were the richest I have ever seen in this area.

Amazing to think that scenery as lovely as this is right on my doorstep, I was just very fortunate to be there when nature's lighting was so pleasing!


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Cliveden River Riverbank Thames Trees https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/12/along-the-river-thames Sun, 04 Dec 2016 21:02:53 GMT
Boulters Lock, Maidenhead In The Autumn https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/11/boulters-lock-maidenhead-in-the-autumn On Sunday 13th November, I headed down to the Boulters Lock area of Maidenhead, as the weather looked good, and I was in search of some Autumnal scenes. Although an area that I keep going back to, time and time again, I never get bored of the scenery in this area. 


Leaves by the River Thames provided a rich, multi coloured carpet for you to admire.


Although there were thousands of leaves that had alredy dropped onto the path there were still many more waiting to head earthwards.


I wonder how much longer this pile of vegetation will be able to cling onto the rock before the flowing water takes it downstream.


With the sun shining I began to concentrate on the richly coloured leaves still attached to the trees.


With the sun behind them the leaves really began to glow.


Even those leaves laying on the ground, still managed to pick up the sun's rays.


A proper glowing bunch!


Of course, even in the colder months of the year the river still provides relaxation for some hardy souls.


With the trees along the riverbank illuminated by the Autumn sun, the reflections were very interesting.


The famous Maidenhead Bridge basking in some afternoon sun.


Maidenhead's golden arches.


A rather abstract reflection of the bridge.

Think it safe to say that I did find some Autumn colours on my trip, and I feel very fortunate to have an area like this on my doorstep.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Boulters Lock Bridge Leaves Maidenhead River Thames autumn https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/11/boulters-lock-maidenhead-in-the-autumn Thu, 17 Nov 2016 21:26:53 GMT
Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2016 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/6/goodwood-festival-of-speed-2016 On a very wet and rainy Thursday we found ourselves heading back down to Lord March's front drive for our annual visit to the Festival Of Speed, and although the Thursday is classed as The Moving Motor Show, it offers most of the Festival's features with a much smaller attendance. We arrived nice and early just a few minutes after the gates opened, and after getting up before 5am one of the delicious organic bacon rolls and a cup of coffee woke us up enough to start taking in the sights!

The customary sculpture on the front lawn placed a BMW right outside an upstairs window of Goodwood House.


Heavy rain on highly polished bodywork of the Concourse cars must be a nightmare for the owners, but it is a delight for the photographers! Magnificent green Miura was the highlight for me.


Of course the vast majority of the cars in the paddock are immaculately presented as well.


You are never quite sure what is hiding behind the curtains!


Simply magnificent Macca.


Keeping the air flowing nicely.


There did in fact seem to be Porsches around every corner this year.


Seen a bit of use.


Futuristic curves on show at the BMW stand.


As the country was making a leap into the unknown with the Brexit vote, you could make your very own leap of faith at the Ford stand.


Not sure if they were being judged or not, but this forward roll was worth a fair few points I would have thought. Afraid to say I wasn't brave enough to try it.


With the amount of rain that had fallen during the day and beforehand, the ground was always going to get a bit boggy.


Wellingtons and unbrellas were the order of the day.


With Glastonbury being on the at the same time I suppose a lot of rain was inevitable.


You have to admire the great British spirit, rain falling, up to your knees in mud and water, but still queuing for an ice cream. Well it is the summer after all!


One way to keep your feet dry!


Camera and photographer fully waterproofed!


Probably best not to drop the soft top down.


Tricky wet and muddy conditions, and that was just in the parking area for the Rally cars.


Some cars are just so much more suited to these type of conditions than others!

Once again a good day out, pity about the bad weather, but you just have to make the best of it, with an awful lot of great machinery to see and admire.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2016 Festival Of Speed Goodwood Jaguar Mini Rally https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/6/goodwood-festival-of-speed-2016 Wed, 29 Jun 2016 21:05:23 GMT
Brooklands Double 12 2016 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/6/brooklands-double-12-2016 On the weekend of June 18th/19th we headed to one of our favourite venues, Brooklands Museum,  for their Double 12 weekend, so named after the pre-war version of a 24hour race held there that had to be held over two days of 12 hours each as the Weybridge residents objected to the noise of the racing cars during the night, obviously the Le Mans residents are sounder sleepers! Anyway, when this event was resurrected a few years ago it was decided to include three elements, Sprint, Driving Tests and Concourse. A full weekend of activity to enjoy.

We started at the Sprint Track on the Saturday over at Mercedes World, where the normal early morning preparation and gossip catch up was under way.

The Brooklands bus you can just see in the background was put to good use ferrying us spectators around the circuit.

  Lovely subtle finish on the bodywork of this racer.

The three wheelers are always entertaining to watch.


As you can see the cars taking part came in all shapes and sizes.


From the very aerodynamic.


To the very large.


And the rather more sedate style.


Of course with cars of this age, there is bound to be some mid session fettling required.


Even the bus from the  Museum seemed to have acquired a fair turn of speed.


On the Sunday we returned to find all sorts of vehicles for us to enjoy, such as this line up of immaculate Jaguars.


Many shades of blue.


A rather impressive line up of C5's.


As it was indeed Father's Day on the Sunday, this plate seemed rather appropriate.


The sporting activity started up again with the Driving Tests, some of which were along the hallowed banking underneath the famous bridge.


Navigators are very important in these tests, as team work is vital, and clear instructions such as this turn left signal are appreciated by the driver.


Classic cars were being enjoyed by all generations.


It does indeed appear that the passenger is holding on!


The third element, the Concourse, obviously requires much polishing, and last minute dusting was the order of the day.


Anything that should be shiny does in fact need to be very polished.


Even under the bonnet has to be prepared with much care and skill.

​A great weekend of classic motorsport, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Many thanks to all those that worked to make it happen, and special thanks to the owners of the machinery for bringing them out and using them as they should be used.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Austin Bentley Brooklands Classic Car Double 12 VSCC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/6/brooklands-double-12-2016 Tue, 21 Jun 2016 20:52:25 GMT
Gurston Down Hillclimb https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/gurston-down-hillclimb So, on Saturday May 28th a group of us headed down to Wiltshire, to watch a bit of hillclimbing at Gurston Down, where the elite of British Hillclimbing were battling it out for honours. With 130 entrants it was a full programme of varying types of machinery. Despite an indifferent weather forecast the day stayed dry and warm, which was a bonus. The farm setting amongst the Wiltshire hills is always a picturesque venue for motorsport.

Some rather exotic racing machinery nestled amongst the farm buildings. 


As always in motorsport tyres are very important and much tyre preparation was going on in the paddock when we arrived.


It's a generation thing!


Old farm machinery makes a great backdrop!


Fuelling up, ready to go.


A proper tea tray, if quite an expensive one.


Driver and camera fully focused.


Then they were off, with just under a kilometre of tarmac to cover in the least possible time.


Wings, slicks, light weight and plenty of power make these machines very potent indeed.


Rolling countryside and fast moving cars.


Just look at the width of that rear wing.


Attacking the hill with full commitment.


Look at how close to the action spectators are, and how much room there is to roam around, which makes for fantastic viewing.


One of the more 'normal' looking machines.


Just about the fastest Mini I have ever seen, frighteningly fast.


Of course, what goes up must come down, and once the competitors have done their timed run, they wait at the top before coming back down again in a group.


The ability to corner quickly is just as important as raw power to catapult them down the straights.


Ready to attack the approaching corner.


Hurtling through the undergrowth.


Two men, a marshall and a racing car!


Total commitment, using every inch of the track and a little more.


This spectating can obviously be very tiring.


At the end of the day it was time to put the cars to bed ready for the next day's action.

Although Gurston Down is one of the lesser known motorsport venues I can't recommend it highly enough. A superb location, plenty of room to move, and seriously fast machinery make it a great day out.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Gurston Hillclimb Racing Wiltshire https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/gurston-down-hillclimb Mon, 30 May 2016 20:22:34 GMT
Benjafield's Sprint At Goodwood https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/benjafields-sprint-at-goodwood On 21st May we headed down to Goodwood for the Benjafield Racing Club's Sprint. What a treat it was to pull straight into the circuit, travel underneath the circuit in the hallowed tunnel to park up right beside the Paddock, if only the Revival was like this! Naturally, we had a walk around the paddock taking in the sights and aromas of the proper machines on show, each one, no doubt, with many stories to tell of their individual unique histories. Bentley's were the mainstay of the paddock but other interesting machines were there too.

Stickers worn with pride.


Last minute preperations before the action began.


Always worth exploring the unlikeliest places to see what is hiding in there.


Queued up ready for the Marshall's signal to start their flying lap.


These mighty Bentleys look good parked up, but they look so much better when on the move.


The cars may be old, but they can still be hustled along at a good lick.


Just look at the size of that sump protruding underneath the car, engineering on a mighty scale.


Alas, a little drizzle of rain began to fall to make the track short of grip, but did that deter the intrepid drivers? Not one bit!


Big heavy Bentley, driven at speed in the rain, definitely not for the faint hearted!


The Mighty Samurai came out to play too in its bright paintwork.


Something very, very special!


The driver perched rather precariously at the sharp end of this ex Eddie Cheever F1 car.


Sporting a bigger wing than most light aircraft, this rather fast Porsche made short work of the circuit.


Car Washing Benjafield style!


After the lunch break and grid walk the rain started to fall again, only this time a lot heavier.


A Mini in the wet is always worth watching, especially one as fast as this one.


Not to be outdone this MG had a fair turn of speed too.


Early Porsche getting a right old soaking.


As you can see the rain really did fall with some force.


All to soon it was time for the drivers to depart, some of them driving home in the cars that they had just competed in. Oh, those were the days my friend!


Suitably togged up against the elements.

A great day put, at a fantastic venue, with truly sensational cars driven with gusto. What more could anyone want? Many thanks to all those that made the day possible.



[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2016 Benjafield Bentley Goodwood Sprint https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/benjafields-sprint-at-goodwood Thu, 26 May 2016 20:15:13 GMT
Brooklands 1940's Day https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/brooklands-1940s-day The 14th of May saw us heading back down to Brooklands for their 1940's day. Pleased to report that it was a bright sunny day with no sign of any rain, which was great. People are the heartbeat of any place, but dressed in period attire they really brought Brooklands to life, as everywhere you looked there were nostalgic scenes for you to enjoy. Obviously, the place to be if you like your history played out in front of you.

Naturally, the forces were well represented at this event.


Not quite sure the shopping bag is military spec, but you never know!


Enjoying the sunshine.


Not only do the re-enactors dress in the right gear, they also bring along some very nice accessories to set the scene as well.


Looking suitably cool in the mirror shades.


Officer on the move


The Wellington Hangar was a suitable setting for the RAF contingent.


Lunchtime in the sunshine.


Very smartly dressed.


Moustache completing the authentic look.


Wearing his medals with pride, rightfully so.


Very stylish couple.


Proper 1940's glamour in the sunshine.


As it is Brooklands it would be rude not to feature some of the great vehicles on show.


Probably best not to argue with this mighty fine piece of machinery on the road.


Early in the afternoon, we were given a real treat as we had a flypast from a Hurricane. The place was in silence as all eyes and ears were turned to the sky to see the fantastic sight and sound of a great piece of machinery in the air.


Many traders were in attendance as well, ready to supply you with anything from a whole outfit to a small accessory to finish your 1940's look.


If shoes are your thing then you couldn't go wrong at this stall.


Ready to wreak havoc!


These boots were obviously not made for walking!


The dance tent was as always a very popular feature, and here we have Noelle Vaughn providing the right music for the era.


Much laughter was to be heard as everyone got into the spirit of the day.


At the end of the day when the dancing has taken its toll, it is time for a little relaxation before heading home.

Once again a very enjoyable day out, many thanks to all those that made it happen, especially the people who dressed up and were very happy for me to take photos of them, it was much appreciated. Looking forward to next year's event.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 1940's Brooklands Bygone Era Classic Car Military Noelle Vaughn RAF https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/brooklands-1940s-day Mon, 16 May 2016 19:57:23 GMT
Brooklands Museum Auto Italia https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/brooklands-museum-auto-italia Time flies by at an alarming rate, and on 30th April I found myself heading back to Brooklands for their annual Auto Italia Day, where all things Italian gather to be admired. It is one of Brooklands biggest events of the year, so I always make sure I arrive nice and early before it gets busy. The weather was forecast to be a bit unpredictable, and so it proved, but that didn't deter a huge amount of Italian vehicles turning up, or indeeed the huge crowd that came along. There were 100's of vehicles in all directions on the site and in the overflow display areas, Alfas, Fiats, Lancias, Maseratis, Ferraris, Lamborghinis amd many more smaller makes stretched out as far as the eye could see!

Last minute polishing before the majority of the public come through the gates, to make sure everything is shining nicely. As you can see not only cars to look at but bikes too.


The unloading of valuable cargoes began in earnest around the site.


Driving gloves were removed by the drivers as they arrived.


Sixteen cylinders and four turbos, made this Bugatti Veyron, one of the more exotic cars on show.


The original at the front, new models at the rear.


Simply gorgeous Maserati, Italian style at its best.


Classic Lamorghini in a very distinctive hue.


The words classic and Ferrari trip off the tongue with ease, and these two show why they are so coveted.


MV exhausts in a row.


The only type of Ferrari I can afford. One of the many trade stands tempting your wallet to be opened.


The demo on the MB World track was as busy as ever, and the formation queue was a delight to the eye.


With such a rich sporting heritage for Italian cars, motorsport was well represented.


So very stylish, and no doubt so very, very expensive! 


Whilst still a relatively new addition to the supercar scene, Pagani has quickly built up a dedicated following.


Not merely a supercar, but a hypercar.


The Oakley design Veyron, must surely have been the most powerful car in attendance, and also one of the most eyecatching.


Only for the very brave, seriously fast, and traction control only provided by the driver's right foot.


A sporting SUV before they had been invented! Absolutely love these LM002's, a real brute of a machine.


One particular owner, overcooked it on his demo laps and unfortunately got friendly with the barrier resulting in the rear wheel hanging at a rather jaunty angle.


Let us not forget the army of volunteers that keep the Museum ticking, doing such good work even when there is so much happening outside to distract them.


Of course huge crowds meant that the catering outlets were kept very busy.


As mentioned the weather did change and we had a couple of showers, but it didn't stop this photographer from getting the pictures he wanted.


When the rain falls I just can't resist taking pics like this.


All dark, moody and magnificent.


Nice graphics.


How many of you had one of the Athena posters with this car on, in their childhood?


When it come to choosing the colour of the paintwork, you pays your money and takes you choice.


On of the more unique paintjobs on show.


Brooklands Cars kindly opened their doors at the top of the hill for people to look around, and it never fails to impress.


Unbelievable line up of very desirable cars.


Then in the blink of an eye it was time to head home, some rather more stylishly than others!

Once again another fantastic day out at Brooklands, many thanks to all those that made it happen, and looking forward to Auto Italia 2017 already!


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Alfa Brooklands Bugatti Classic Car Ferrari Fiat Lancia Maserati Oakley https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/5/brooklands-museum-auto-italia Sun, 01 May 2016 21:13:12 GMT
Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/4/bicester-heritage-sunday-scramble On Sunday April 24th we headed back to Bicester Heritage for their 8th Sunday Scramble. We found a massive turnout of classic cars on site, all nestling among the iconic military buildings. Never quite sure what to look at first, as around every corner there was yet more interesting stuff to be found, be it vehicles, people or indeed the aforementioned buildings. Not only that but the businesses on site open their doors too, for you to have  a look round, be it purveyors of fine cars, or one of the many workshops containing highly skilled restorers on site.

An early car that was an early arrival, with what must have been a pretty draughty drive to the venue.


Fabulous lightweight E-Type, looking very fast even when it is stood still.


Cars to view in every direction, and as you can see some lovely sunshine to enjoy as you walked around the site.


Always good to see some modified cars at events such as this.


I did say there were a lot of classics, as can be seen here all neatly parked in line, rather in keeping with the military venue.


A proper gentleman's express.


Absolutely immaculate Austin-Healey proudly parked up.


A rather lonely looking Porsche.


And this one didn't seem to have too many friends either!


You have admire the American car designers for never quite knowing when to stop adding decoration to their cars, but they are truly great to see, knowing that it isn't yourself that has to keep the acres of chrome polished!


A rather stylish accessory.


Of course flying was the primary purpose of the base when it was operational, and so it was rather fitting to see some planes using the airfield.


No this isn't the pipes from an organ, but lengths of tubing awaiting the attention of Ryan Edwards who transforms them into exquisite exhaust systems, that really are works of art.


The buildings never cease to fascinate me, and come in many different varieties.


Rather nice addition to the door.


Although many of the buildings have been superbly sympathetically restored, there are still some buildings awaiting this treatment, and it was a pleasure to be allowed into them.


It is only when looking close up at these unrestored buildings that you realize the amount of work that must go into restoring them.


Decay and deterioration can be quite artistic at times.


Probably best not to plug your kettle in here!


The people always supply the heartbeat of a venue and Bicester Heritage is no different. The traction engine needed a bit of a polish up, which I can assume is a bit like painting the fourth bridge, a job that is never quite completed.


The Homeguard reenactment group were out as well, adding more military nostalgia to the site.


A proper British picnic at a proper British venue, what more could you ask for?

Once again another very enjoyable day out, many thanks to all those that worked to make it happen. Looking forward to the next one, and if you haven't been I highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) American Aston Martin Austin-Healey Bicester Heritage Classic Car Jaguar https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/4/bicester-heritage-sunday-scramble Thu, 28 Apr 2016 18:50:25 GMT
Silverstone WEC & ELMS https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/4/silverstone-wec-elms On Saturday 16th April we headed to Silverstone to have a look at the WEC event there. Being the Saturday meant that we could catch the WEC cars practice and qualify as well as see the 4 hour race for a round of the ELMS series. I had never seen these endurance racers in action before, and looking at current machinery rather than the classic variety made a very pleasant change.

We arrived to find the rain falling fairly heavily, falling almost as quickly as the temperature as it was absolutely freezing.


So out came the WEC cars for practice, and I have to admit when you see them in the flesh, they are quite the strangest looking machines I have ever seen.


As the track got wetter, and the temperatures continued to plummet, grip seemed to disappear at a fast rate and they tip toed round for only one lap.


Then to cap it all we had a pretty severe snow shower, more suited to rally cars rather than these tarmac terrors.


After a bit of a delay, the action got underway once again.


You have got to give credit to the livery designers when the cars look as striking as this.


Now things began to get moving at a quicker pace.


Never seen so many curves and straight lines in one machine as these machines exhibit.


The Toyotas were hoping for an improvement in form from last year with their comprehensively redesigned car.


Whilst much more closely related to a road car, than cars in the some of the other classes, it is a pure bred racing machine.


If you find one good viewpoint, you can be sure the other photographers will swarm around it like bees around a honey pot!


After lunch, the sun came out to play.


One thing that I did notice was the strange aroma in the air when the cars were on track, quite unlike any other smell that I have found at other events, especially unlike the classic events where the air is thick with the aroma of good old Castrol R.  It had a wheaty, oaty scent to it almost reminiscent of a brewery!


Sunshine and shadows!


If anyone sees a spare wheel laying around, I think it belongs to this guy!


One thing that did come as a pleasant surprise was the accessibility granted to normal punters like us. The paddock was open at all times, and I took this picture whilst sat at a table with a coffee. Also note how few people were around.


Spare parts just in case!


Catch recessed into the carbon fibre.


It was great to see all the mechanics going about their routines to keep the machines in fine fettle whilst out on track. Wheels and tyres seemed to be of particular interest too them, with regular wheel washing a constant sight.


Tyre pressure were checked with precision.


There were literally truckloads of tyres all around the paddock, along with an army of tyre fitters to keep the cars shod.


A little time for relaxation, no matter how hectic things appear.


Of course no event is complete these days without the 'selfie' being taken, and this one was no different!

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day out, even if a little cold at times, but the sight of such fast machinery in action more than made up for it!



[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 4hours 6hours Aston Martin Audi ELMS Ferrari Porsche Silverstone Toyota WEC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/4/silverstone-wec-elms Thu, 21 Apr 2016 20:23:09 GMT
Brooklands Bentley Drivers Club https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/3/brooklands-bentley-drivers-club On March 20th, we headed back down to Brooklands, for their Bentley Drivers Club Driving Tests Day. The Bentleys came in all shapes, ages and sizes to pit their wits against the course laid out. Speed played much less importance than precision driving, and much fun was had by all entrants.

One of the more modern machines, but still full of exquisite detail.


The cars stood side by side in the paddock, youngsters and oldies. all wearing the flying B with pride.


A few generations apart, but still the same family.


Bentley's are like  fine wine, they do age magnificently!

The Flying B resplendent in gold.


The fun began, as wooden bunnies were pushed over with a stick by the driver.


Bentley Bear had to be taken for a ride in the roller skate around the course without crashing or falling over, whilst under the eagle eye of the marshall.

The more usual era of Bentley normally associated with Brooklands.


A vintage Bentley on the banking. What more can you ask for?


Some people would say, 'The right car in the right setting' and I would have to agree with that!


May be resting but still looking purposeful.


The spectators are getting smaller these days!


The beauty of Brooklands is that around every corner there is something to discover, and it was no exception on this day!


As far removed from a display of Bentleys as you could possibly get, but charming in their own right all the same.

Once again another enjoyable trip, many thanks to everyone that helped make the event happen. 

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2016 Bentley Brooklands Driving Tests https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/3/brooklands-bentley-drivers-club Sun, 20 Mar 2016 21:29:02 GMT
Brooklands VSCC Driving Tests https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/2/brooklands-vscc-driving-tests On Sunday 31st January we found ourselves heading back down to Brooklands, on a cold wet morning to see the VSCC Driving Tests held there. These tests comprise of a defined route that has to be driven around, without the car touching the cones defining the route, as well as having to stop in certain places, all whilst being timed against the clock. A test of both the driver's ability and the performance of the pre-war cars.

First port of call for all entries is for the cars to be scrutineered, as you can see only the hardy need apply as the rain was already falling rather heavily by this point.


Only true enthusiasts use their umbrella to keep the car dry while getting wet themselves.


Little & Large.


Lovely patinated timber on this woody.


A rather frightening passenger.


And so the action began, as cars were put through their paces.


Cars of all types were being used.


Give a Frazer-Nash driver a corner to negotiate and they will reach for the handbrake as well as the steering wheel!


Lovely Alfa was being driven with real enthusiasm.


Whilst others went about the task rather more sedately.


Looks as if soemeone will be busy with a a bucket of soapy water later.


All sorts of headwear was being used to keep the mud out of eyes and the head warm on what was a very damp and cold day.


These cars may well be old, but they have a surprising turn of speed.


Needless to say, there was much to chat about!


The saying is 'Flat out and fearless' I believe.


Cornering hard to make it around the cone as fast as possible, with a look of intense concentration on the face. Now either that is a very large cone, or it is a very small car!


Where would you be without your lucky mascot on display?


The benefits of competing in a car with a roof on, of course was that you remained dry (hopefully). Note the rather steep angle of body lean as the car tries to negotiate the corner at a far higher speed than it was intended to when it was built!


One of the more nimble saloons.


Tight turns, speed and maneuverability were not this machines strong points, but the driver still attacked the course with enthusiasm.


Whenever you bring a highly strung sporting classic out to play, it pays to have a willing push starting gang at your disposal.


Brooklands, as always had a quirky scenario hidden away for you to discover.


When the excitement gets too much, best to pour yourself a nice glass of wine, open the packet of crisps and just relax!

Many thanks to all those that made the day possible, the marshalls, volunteers, and drivers that braved what were at times some pretty miserable weather conditions to put on a very entertaining day's sport. Looking forward to next year's event already!

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2016 Alfa Romeo Austin Brooklands Classic Car VSCC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/2/brooklands-vscc-driving-tests Mon, 01 Feb 2016 21:22:04 GMT
Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/1/bicester-heritage-sunday-scramble On January 3rd we heading to Bicester Heritage, for their first Sunday Scramble of the year. This is fast becoming one of my favourite venues, not only due to the selection of vehicles on display, but also for the excellent backdrops provided by the military buildings on site, that although are not the most pretty of architectural styles, they do have character in abundance.

Unfortunately the rain fell for most of the day, but it didn't deter the hardiest of classic car owners from coming out to play. Marching soldiers, military vehicles and good old English cars.


Not sure how big a puddle of water was in the footwell of this Austin 7 when the owner returned after leaving it out in the rain!


Classics were lurking in all sorts of hiding places.


A rather racy looking Alfa, caught many an eye.


Big, British and Brutal. What more do you want?


Small but perfectly formed.


Charm personified, sometimes it isn't the fastest, shiniest or most exotic car that appeals the most, as these two prove.


Just imagine how much polishing this amount of chrome will need when the rain dries!


Lovely to see some immaculate American muscle brought out to play.


Probably not the easiest vehicle to find space for in a Multi Storey Car Park.


A unique number plate for a very rare car.


I presume we can call the graphics on this bus, go faster stripes.


The military were out in force too, along with the mobile cinema.


The good old work horse of many an army.


Obviously arrived too late to be in the dry enclosed garage!


I'm sure a drop of rain won't worry this tough piece of machinery.


Whilst some cars look good all polished up, old Land Rovers are so much better with the 'lived in' look.


The important military tactic of consuming cups of tea!


There is a place for everything.


No sign of Rodney or DelBoy.


Large scale motoring.


Lovely graffiti inside one of the unrestored hangers, and found a baby Austin in there as a bonus.


A trip to Bicester wouldn't be complete without a photo of an interesting part of the historic buildings there. There is so much to look at on the site, with a new discovery around every corner.

Despite the wet weather it was, once again, a very enjoyable day out, with special thanks to all those that made it happen on such a grim day.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Austin Bicester Heritage Classic Car Sunday Scramble graffiti military rain https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/1/bicester-heritage-sunday-scramble Fri, 15 Jan 2016 19:13:18 GMT
Brooklands New Years Day 2016 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/1/brooklands-new-years-day-2016 New Years Day, means only one thing, a trip to Brooklands Museum for their annual gathering. Although no sign of any frost or ice, the day was deceptively cold, but luckily remained dry until late in the afternoon. It is a great way to start the year off, and there is always a fine varied selection of interesting machinery to look at and enjoy.

With over 1500 vehicles coming onto the site to park up, a queue of interesting, and sometimes breathtaking  cars snaked their way onto the site.


Suitably attired but I would imagine an open topped car on January 1st, is a rather chilly way of travelling.


The historic banking was packed with cars, as was the whole site.


That's one use for some leftover Christmas Tinsel.


A rather festive mascot, hanging on for the ride.


Simply stunning. The beauty of a gathering such as this at Brooklands, is that you have to explore every corner of the site as you never know what may be hiding such as this gorgeous 275GTB.


One of the louder cars on show, both visually and audibly.


Proper go faster paintjob!


Great to see some serious modified kit on show.


A more traditional offering for a very traditional venue.


Anglias at a jaunty angle!


Would imagine speed bumps are a bit of a problem with this.


It may be small but it is perfectly formed.


A rather pristine Alfa in among the planes.


Could be from a bygone era, couldn't it?


The more industrial end of town, but a charming setting none the less.


May be a bit scruffy, but still oozes class and sophistication by the bucketload


Immaculate early Porsche on the banking.......


And the very latest supercar from them, in a rather understated shade of grey.


Bit of commercial metal.


I do believe you would call this patinated.


With or without the fancy paint designs, you can't help but smile when you see this can you?


Camper vans were all the rage this year.


Always a joy to climb to the top of the hill when the Brooklands Motor Company opens its doors.


Breathtaking display of classics on show in here, something for every taste.


How can you not just stare and enjoy the view?

Another great day out, many thanks to all those that worked to make it happen. A fantastic way to start the new motoring year, one of the few places where you will see an Austin Allegro and a Ferrari 275 GTB on display at the same time, and strangely it was some of the more 'affordable' classics that were getting all the attention. Make sure to put the date in your diary for next year.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2016 American Aston Martin Brooklands Brooklands Motor Company Classic Car Custom Ferrari https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2016/1/brooklands-new-years-day-2016 Mon, 11 Jan 2016 20:59:22 GMT
Brooklands Reunion https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/8/brooklands-reunion On Sunday 16th August, we headed back down to Brooklands for their Brooklands Reunion, which is a celebration of all things pre-war (When Brooklands was a competitive race track) especially those connected to the venue. Even some of the crowd were dressed in period attire, and with all the period assorted vehicles, motorbikes and indeed push bikes, the place was full of nostalgic scenes to take in. The weather was kind (dry) and a good sized crowd was in attendance.


As usual we started off be getting there early and having a close look at the vehicles on display, and this pair of fuel caps caught my eye.


The first major 'event' of the day were the race starts, made up of grids of suitable vehicles from that era.


The motorcyclist joined in the fun as well.


Despite their age the cars were still pretty quick off the mark!


Three wheeled Morgans are always entertaining as the solitary rear wheel fights for grip.


Rather more sedate in styling, but still immaculately turned out.


All bare metal and built for speed.


Then it was time to walk over to Mercedes Benz World for the cavalcade on their track, as the driver put the cars through their paces, and a fine collection of cars they were too.

An aeroplane engine bursting out of the bonnet, means this is one rapid machine.

All ages enjoyed the outing!


Leg power rather than horse power!


The day was rounded off with runs up the infamous Test Hill, and the Merlin engine Handlye Special tried its hardest to wear its rear tyres out in the process!


Once again a very enjoyable event, superb machinery and spirited driving in the unique relaxed atmosphere that Brooklands does so well. Many thanks to all that made the day possible.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2015 Brooklands Classic Car Handlye Special Morgan https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/8/brooklands-reunion Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:51:24 GMT
Shelsley Walsh https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/7/shelsley-walsh Our quest to attend new venues this year, continued on Sunday 19th July as we headed in the direction of Worcester, to attend the Shelsley Walsh Nostalgia event. The venue is synonymous with Hill Climbing in this country, and is in fact the oldest motorsport venue in the world still in continuous use, something that has been happening for the last 110 years! A venue full of history then, and a perfect setting to view some historic cars in action.

Following our normal routine, we arrived not long after the gates to the car park opened, just after 8-00am, and were in the first row of parked cars. On wandering over to the venue we came across these two Jaguars, parked up on the drive.


Despite there being a lot of replica versions of these models, the two here were the real deal, an Ecurie Ecosse C Type and an ultra rare XKSS, in fact the last of the 16 built, and both were in absolutely stunning condition.


It was a real privilege to be alone with these very important machines, and to try and soak up their history.


The badge says it all!


Once in the paddock we started to look at the cars being prepped before they attacked the hill. 


The dark clouds over head, duly brought the rain, and everyone searched for shelter. Luckily the paddock sheds kept the cars dry.


Onto the hill itself, where, as you can see, the rain had kept the spectators away for the time being!


After walking a bit of a way up the hill, which is very steep, we began to take in the action.


I think you would have to say that this MG isn't standard, but it is very fast!


A racy Alfa.


Austin 7 out on the hill, and as you can see the rain had stopped by now, and the sun was well and truly out.


Continuing the theme this year, of there being a large contingent of Austin Healeys wherever I go, they were out in force again here.


In all colours, not just the usual red.


Once a group of cars had gone up the hill, they then have to wind their way back down to the bottom.


The Derek Bell celebration brought out not only some of his cars, but also the great man himself to drive them.


The legendary 956 in all its glory.


One of the earliest cars to brave the hill , was this Daimler TB58, from 1908.


Now we had made our way towards the top of the hill and the tricky 'Esses'.


Guess who had a flat spot on their front tyre after their attempt?


The Morgans are always entertaining to watch as their one rear tyre struggles to find enough grip to propel them forward.




Lovely curves on the Chevron


Every car had their moment in the sun.


That very rapid MG again, attacking the 'Esses'


The finish line at the top, in open farmland.


As we wandered back down the hill at the end of the day, we stopped for a few moments to appreciate the surrounding countryside.


At the bottom of the hill we were treated to a Spitfire display, to round off a great day out!

So, another venue ticked off our list, and one that provided a great day out, with lots to admire, classic machines being driven with gusto, jawdropping cars on display, and a bit of aviation thrown in for good measure. If you haven't been, then get yourself there soon. Once again many thanks to all those that made the event possible.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Austin Chevron Classic Car Daimler Derek Bell Jaguar MG Porsche Porsche 956 Shelsley Walsh https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/7/shelsley-walsh Thu, 23 Jul 2015 18:56:56 GMT
Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2015 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/6/goodwood-festival-of-speed-2015 On Thursday 25th June, the alarm clock went off in the middle of the night, which must mean only one thing, it is Goodwood time! An early start is imperative if you are to get down to Sussex when the gates open, and provide a couple of hours of uncrowded scenes to take photos of, before it gets a bit congested. Although the Thursday is not an 'Official' FOS day, and is called 'The Moving Motor Show' it has all the main attractions running, just not the historic cars going up the hill, and although busier than last year, it is still the quietest day of the Festival. Fantastic weather greeted us, and we mustn't complain about it, but at times it was very hot indeed, especially after walking all the way up the hill to the Rally Paddock at the top!

As we walked through the gates towards the attractions, this year's Mazda sculpture in front of Goodwood House caught the eye, and yes those cars are full size!


Proper view of the two cars atop the sculpture.


As garden ornaments go, it sure looks better than my garden gnome.


Talking of garden ornaments, this isn't too bad either. Please take note of the lack of other people in the shot, made getting up so early worthwhile.


Into the classic paddock and fantastic sights were all around. A couple of racing Astons to start with.


MB 300SLR's are a bit like buses, you wait for ages to see one then a bunch of them turn up!. You have to take your hat off to MB's classic department for bringing these over to show. Probably best if you don't add up the value in this shot or you may go weak at the knees!


Some of the racing machinery wear their history with pride, and look all the better for it.


You just know by looking at it, that there are many stories to be told about this car!


Iconic sponsorship livery.


The Americans were out in force too!


LM racers were put on show too, and they really are fascinating to look at in the flesh.


Another car wearing its history.


It was an important anniversary for Alpine, and this gleaming example drew the crowds.


One of the more unusual paint jobs.


Carbon Fibre display.


As well as competition cars there were a large number of interesting road cars to enjoy such as this Zenvo, which has one of the most imposing front profiles of any car. Great colour combination too!


The Infiniti stand had a dark moody display on its stand, just right for admiring the shape of the headlights!


Just to confirm that this Lotus is British.


Audi were using their racing pedigree on their road car stand too!


Not to be forgotten, are the cars on the lawn for the Concours d' Elegance, and these really were immaculately turned out as you would expect. Lovely colour combination on this Voisin.


Detailing par excellence!


Time for reflection!


This Bugatti EB110 was in the modern classic class, and really stood out from the crowd in this colour.


After a long hike up the hill, as mentioned before, we came to the Rally paddock. Cars ranged from the very new.......


to the not so new!


A small example of the rally weapons parked up. 


Walking back down the hill we came to these off road giants, giving their demonstration area a try.


As you can see they weren't hanging around either!


At the end of the day, we walked past the Honda stand, and I couldn't help a smile spreading across my face when I saw this display, and yes they are real cars in those boxes.

With an incredible amount of things to see, as the Festival is a huge event, bigger than any other car event in Britain, we left Goodwood exhausted but delighted. If you haven't been, make sure to go and have a look next year, but make sure you set that alarm clock for a nice early wake up call!


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) #FOS 2015 Classic Car Concours Festival Of Speed Goodwood Pickups Rally Zenvo https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/6/goodwood-festival-of-speed-2015 Tue, 30 Jun 2015 16:00:20 GMT
FlyWheel At Bicester Heritage https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/6/flywheel-at-bicester-heritage On Sunday 21st June, we headed back to Bicester Heritage, on this occasion for the Flywheel Festival which was being held for the first time. Promising a mix of motoring and aviation action and displays to enjoy, alongside the great location, would surely prove to be a good day out.

Arriving early as we usually like to do, we waited a few minutes for the gates to open and began to explore what was on offer. This chap obviously takes his plane for a walk rather than a dog! Activity had already started as planes and cars were moved into position and prepared for the day ahead.


Starting the planes up to move them under their own power.


Groups of planes headed out to the airfield.


The largest plane was on display on the lawn.


All curves and rivets!


Also found on the lawned display area was a selection of classic cars of all varieties.


Cute little Austin.


A very patriotic way of protecting your car interior.


Classic cars in the foreground, classic planes in the background, what more do you need?


One of the more unique offerings.


Someone had been busy preparing this immaculate Rover.


And yes the back is as immaculate as the front!


The military buildings provide a lovely backdrop for the competition cars in the paddock.


Around every corner there seemed to be another little treasure to enjoy.


Cars were being prepared for the demonstrations.


Drivers were given a pep talk!


Whilst others were quite content to let the world go by!


There were also some lovely patinated military hardware on show, such as this tank that had been used for target practice!


An absolute jewel of a miniature radial engine can be spotted on this bike.


And so the motoring demonstration began, with speeds increasing as the drivers became familiar with the track.


Red Highlights


The star of the show was undoubtedly the Bristol Blenheim!


Suitable attired crew and fans!


It was amazingly quiet in flight!


Some of the even earlier planes put on some spirited displays.


Don't worry the gun at the back is a dummy, as is the figure operating it!


Nine Tiger Moths pretty close to each other!


The Spitfire put on a fast moving display.


It doesn't matter how many times you see a Spitfire in action, you can never tire of listening to that engine!


One of the unexpected delights of the day were the numerous people dressed up in the spirit of the occasion, such as this member of the Home Guard.

Military uniforms were much on display.


Land Army out and about.


Studying information.


Ready for battle.


As an added bonus there were also a couple of models on site, suitably attired and ready to pose for photographers.


The plane made a suitable background as well.


Having the models provided, once again showed how much thought the organisers had put into staging this event.


At the end of a long day, it was all too much for some and a little relaxation and rest were in order!

A good day out with much to enjoy, many thanks to all those that made it possible.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Austin Bentley Bicester Heritage Bristol Blenheim Classic Car Planes Riley Speed Spitfire https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/6/flywheel-at-bicester-heritage Wed, 24 Jun 2015 20:25:10 GMT
Brooklands Double 12 2015 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/6/brooklands-double-12-2015 On the weekend of June 13th & 14th, Brooklands Museum hosted their annual Double 12 event. An event steeped in automotive history, it being a pre-war 24 hour race, done on two 12 hour shifts as the residents of Weybridge objected to noisy cars racing during the night! This modern interpretation consists of three elements, a sprint on the MB World track, driving tests on the museum sight and a concourse. Not only this but there are various other attractions throughout the weekend to keep you entertained.

First port of call on Saturday morning, was at the MB World track for the VSCC sprint, and a look around the paddock as the drivers went through there final preparations. Obviously directions were the order of the day.


Last minute tinkering, on this absolutely immaculate Wolseley.


Push starting was a recurring theme in the paddock, as these honed racing machines were coaxed into life.


No shortage of 'pushers'.


Strange place for cup holders!


Bonnets up, tinkering going on.


Picking these louvers out in red paint kept somebody busy for a long time.


Pre-visualising the lap ahead, or quick snooze after a hearty lunch?


Built for speed!


One of the larger competing cars.


Glorious patination.


Brown and cream MG.


I wonder how many mph that extended tail adds?


Pushing on around the circuit, the cars may be old but these people don't hang around.


Possibly the car with the shortest bodywork.


Even the ice cream van was a bit racy, check out those alloys, complete with Ferrari badge.


After viewing the fun on the circuit for a few hours I wandered back to the Museum site to see what was on show. Here we have one of the newer models on display.


A handful of E-Types.


Super shiny Aston Martin posing in front of the buildings.


As if the music of the cars engines wasn't enough to please your ears, the jazz band struck up and gave us a few songs throughout the weekend to entertain us.


This chap obviously has a very big car to cart his instrument around!


Driver didn't say much, just barked his instructions to us!


A Tiger under the bonnet.


Back we came the next day, to find the Napier-Railton relaxing in front of the BP garage, in all its glory.


Racer lurking under cover.


We had a little bit of rain on the Sunday, much to the car owner's disgust, but to the delight of the photographers among us.


I managed to get a few shots before the chamois army came out to play!


Wet AC


Aston in the rain.


The Driving Tests took place at various places around the site.


As you can see, one of the delights of Brooklands is just how close you can get to the action.


Looking all the better for being suitably attired.


Many coloured queue.


Then we headed back to MB World for the non competitive display of cars, all suitably captured by this picture taking entrant.


Alpine looking glorious in yellow.


I did tell him that sticking his head out of the sunroof, would do his hairstyle no favours at all, but he didn't listen!


Truly fast, and very furious, the 6R4 could well be described as one of the more challenging cars to drive.


The demonstration was rounded off by a show from the Silver Arrows driving team on the skid pan.


Then we had some action on the Test Hill.


Making light work of the increasingly steep slope.


At the top of the hill, Brooklands Motor Co had very generously thrown it's doors open to visitors.


And what a truly unbelievable sight we found inside. Sure to leave you speechless.


All too soon the event was drawing to a close, as exhibits were pushed back into place in the Museum while we made our way back to the car park.

Many thanks to all those people who helped make this event so good! Looking forward to next year's event.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2015 Austin Brooklands Classic Car Museum VSCC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/6/brooklands-double-12-2015 Fri, 19 Jun 2015 17:49:42 GMT
Brooklands 1940's Day https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/5/brooklands-1940s-day May 16th, saw a return to Brooklands Museum for their 1940's Day. A perfect setting for a day such as this with all the historic buildings in this superb location, filled up with a crowd of people suitably dressed, both civilian and military, alongside suitable vehicles and belongings. Although the weather forecast was distinctly dreary, we were blessed with glorious sunshine, obviously ordered in especially.


If you were at a loose end, you could always join the Home Guard.


They don't like it up 'em! Demonstrations were duly given in how to charge  with fixed bayonet, which must have been hard work in such hot conditions.


The Home Guard's mode of transport, although I am not sure they would all fit in!


Flags were flying.


Union Jack on parade.


An RAF car fittingly outside the Wellington hangar.


Monty surveying the scene, probably plotting a raid on the BBQ!


WC posing beside an armed local, in front of the cafe!


WC in familiar pose.


Keeping Law and Order.


The American forces were well represented.


If only I had found out what the joke was.


A mighty weapon guarding the Hurricane.


Relaxed Flyer.


1940 communications???


The war ravaged French Cafe set helped to set the scene.


Looking surprisingly cheerful for a captured airman!


Not looking very cheerful after attracting the attention of a young lady officer!


Ah, perhaps this is why, incriminating evidence!


There was a Motor Show of the period too, with lots of gleaming bodywork and chrome.


No visible signs of whether this was taken this week or 70 years ago!


The vehicle of choice for the mobile forces.


Bit of a big old beast this one.


Period buses from the Bus Museum gave people rides around the Museum.


A big part of the day for a lot of people, was the dancing.


Officer checking out the dance steps.


I was very careful not buy a dodgy watch off this fella!


A bit of shopping going on.


Just in case you didn't have the right attire, there were many stalls willing to sell you some!


Military outfitters.


If you needed a smart new pair of shoes, then you had plenty of choice.


Obviously a very busy day and the lovely sunshine left some people ready for a snooze!

Another great event from Brooklands, many thanks to them, but particular thanks to all the participants who took a lot of time and effort to get the right 'look'. Looking forward to next year already!

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 1940's Brooklands Classic Car Dancing Home Guard Jeep Military Winston Churchill https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/5/brooklands-1940s-day Mon, 18 May 2015 18:36:06 GMT
Brooklands Auto Italia https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/5/brooklands-auto-italia On Saturday May 2nd we were back at Brooklands Museum for their Auto Italia Day, and although the weather forecast wasn't great, it managed to stay dry all day. This is one of the busiest events at Brooklands, with Italian cars, of all shapes and sizes, filling the site to bursting, and it doesn't matter how many times you walk around, you will always find something new to see.

A steady queue of cars coming onto site.


When you see small cars like this it always makes me wonder how we fold ourselves up to fit inside them.


One of the older models on display.


A wash and brush up before the start.


Interesting part of the car insurance form, 'Has your car been modified in any way from standard?'


Hoyle-Fox brought along some fantastic cars for us to admire, must keep doing the Lottery!


Another one of Hoyle-Fox's dream machines.


Line up of Lamborghinis


A very sensible four seat Lamborghini!


A not so sensible Lamborghini, taking go faster stripes to a new extreme.


The view of a Lamborghini that most people will get, the rear view!


This one won't worry when it gets dark, enough lights to light up Wembley Stadium.


Ferrari's were out in force.


Delectable Dino


Headlights popped up.


That must be a GTO I reckon.


Legendary F40


Striped 458


Only one car ever painted like this, the Stratos.


Alfa in the woods.


It is all in the details, which are exquisite on this car.


Early Fiat


Now for something completely different!


Menacing, meaty and magnificent Pantera.


Lovely EB110


Yes, I know this photo has nothing to do with Italian cars, but the beauty of Brooklands is that wherever you look there is something interesting to see.


At lunchtime we decamped over to Mercedes Benz World for a demonstration of cars on their test track.


Hope the duck/chicken in the back seat enjoyed the ride.


Made for speed.


Rare ISO Rivolta came out to play.


As did a couple of the larger engined cars!


One of the more unusual seating locations.


Then it was back to the Museum for runs up the Test Hill, which proved more testing for some than others.


Would make the perfect runabout down by the Med, wouldn't it?


Just one word to sum up this machine, frightening!

Once again another great event at Brooklands, many thanks to all the staff, volunteers and car owners that made the day possible.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Alfa Auto Italia Brooklands Classic Car Espada Ferrari ISO Italian Lamborghini Maserati Pantera Rivolta Romeo https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/5/brooklands-auto-italia Mon, 04 May 2015 19:35:22 GMT
Bicester Sunday Scramble https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/5/bicester-sunday-scramble On 26th April we headed up to Bicester Heritage for their 5th Sunday Brunch Scramble, where we found a huge collection of classic cars on display on site, as well as bikes as planes. Bicester Heritage, for those that don't know, is a former RAF base, being converted into a hub for all things classic car and plane related, whilst retaining the historical buildings that provides a great backdrop for the exhibits. We had expected to see a large collection on display, but were very pleasantly surprised to find over 850 classic cars on site, with something of interest for all tastes.


Typical scene we found there, interesting cars of all descriptions parked up for us to admire.


As you can see, a very wide and diverse selection of cars, from the fast, to the gentleman's carriage!


Definitely no smoking around this immaculate Lancia.


Glorious Bentley, resting.
Nothing dainty about this Peterson Bentley, brutal engineering at its best.
Glorious Dino recreation, basking in the sunshine.
Resting cat. Pristine metalwork in front of not so pristine metalwork!
The humble Morris, lovingly looked after by a caring owner.
Looks a bit lonely, sat in front of some quite severe looking buildings.
I was very thankful to the Lagonda owner who parked his car in such a picturesque setting.
Lovely fast cat, sat menacingly on its own.
Surely one of the most iconic British designs of the 20th century.
As well as cars there were some commercial vehicles on display, both military and civilian.
A fair bit of metalwork to keep in tip top condition like this.
A bit of smoke on start up from this exquisite Brescia.
A treasure trove of exotic metal could be found for sale in the various dealers premises open, as in Pendine here.
You never quite knew what delight was around the corner indeed behind the doors!
Italian engineering at its best.
But let us not forget us British were good at making pretty cars too!
Bristol Owners Club had a display of twenty cars in the main courtyard too.
The custom boys and girls were displaying their much loved cars for something a little different.
The American metal was very impressive.
Immaculate classic piece of Bavarian metal.
Reflective Bristol bumper.
Ah, the pleasures of classic car ownership, bonnet up and fettling to be done.
The classic bike people had their own problems with a puncture that needed repairing.
Duke at rest in front of rusty backdrop.
Heavyweight engineering!
Let us not forget the aviation history attached to this place, and a line up of classic planes were a delight to see.
With it being an ex RAF base, it was fitting to see some RAF personal wandering round!
Not only RAF personal, but members of the Bicester Home Guard were dressed up suitably too.
Gun loaded ready for action.
Colourful row of bars on his chest.
One of the things that sets Bicester apart from so many other venues is the variety of historical military buildings on site.
I do believe you would call this a patinated pair of doors!
Bit of rot in the door bottoms!
Not only classic cars that gets an attack by the tin worm!
Relics of a working base, with safety features still evident.
History of the building's previous uses are still to be found.
Another fantastic day at Bicester, with lots to look at and a fantastic location to surround yourself in! Looking forward to the next one, and many thanks indeed to all the people at Bicester Heritage for the fantastic hospitality.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Bentley Bicester Heritage Bristol Classic Car Ducati Ferrari Home Guard Jaguar Military Morris Planes https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/5/bicester-sunday-scramble Fri, 01 May 2015 18:05:31 GMT
Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/4/gurston-down-speed-hillclimb Continuing my quest this year to try different Motorsport venues that I haven't been to before, Sunday April 19th saw us heading down to the Salisbury area to the Gurston Hillclimb venue. Approached through lovely rural scenery, it really is tucked away, and so far a little known venue. Our usual early start meant that we were only the 15th car in the car park, and within a few paces were in the hub of the action.


As usual we first wandered around the paddock, which is set in the Farmyard of Gurston Farm, adding a certain rustic charm to proceedings. Here we see a 'willing' mechanic begin the process of starting a small machine for its driver.


Even standing still this Quattro looks a bit of a fearsome beast.


At these grassroots events, there are usually a huge range of machinery being used, and this day was no exception.


It doesn't seem to matter what event I travel to, there always seems to be a large collection of Austin Healeys there, either they are in plentiful supply or they follow me around!


One driver taking a moments quiet contemplation to prepare himself for the hill attack.


Those looking for a Formula 1 style paddock of giant motorhomes and corporate hospitality units, were unlucky, but then again there weren't any barriers to keep you out either!


Onto the start area, and the first thing that became apparent, was that although it was a hillclimb, the first part was downhill! This meant that there was some ferocious acceleration off the start line. As you can see the setting is lovely.


Due to the downhill start, once cars have been positioned for the timing beam, a couple of Marshals have to hold the car steady before take off.


Immaculate Austin Healey in action.


As you can see in the background, you have a good clear view close to the action.


Rolling hills, classic British car and glorious sunshine, what more could you want?


Just a trace of opposite lock to keep things neat, the cars may be old but there was still some very skillful spirited driving to be enjoyed.


There is some seriously good preparation being done to get cars looking this good.


A  Mini, full of charm, but don't underestimate it, as it was a seriously quick machine.


The purpose built single seaters, are the highlight for many. Small, nimble, powerful and with wings for the resultant downforce to glue them to the tarmac.


Some of them use engines from motorbikes, making them a high energy fizzing missile.


Not hanging around with one front wheel completely off the ground.


Even the single seaters come in many different styles and sizes, all with one aim to get to the top of the hill in the fastest possible time.


Not many sculptured curves on this one, but very purposeful all the same.


Of course not all single seaters were of the modern carbon fibre variety.


Pushing to the limits, is always, at some point going to result in track departures.


A bit of grass cutting!


The Marshals did a great job sorting out the mishaps.


A car dropping oil on the track meant that brooms were put into action, covering it in cement dust. As usual the marshals do a tremendous job at events like this.


Just about the best helmet design I have seen in quite some time.


At various points on the track, there isn't much room for error, so drivers have to concentrate very hard.


The highlight for me though were the bikes, as the riders tried to wrestle them around the course.


Fighting to keep the front wheel down, as he accelerates away from the corner.


Concentrating hard to maximize the speed.


Massive suspension movement to soak up any bumps.


As you can see, his eyes are focused firmly on the road ahead.


If you think racing a bike is brave, you should try being the passenger in a sidecar!


For some the whole day proved too tiring!


At the end of the day, as we walked out to the car, even this horse in the stable appeared sorry to see us leave.

All in all a great day out, packed with competitive action on two and four wheels, with plenty of room to move around and great viewing, I can highly recommend Gurston, it may not be as famous as some other venues, but well worth a visit. I look forward to returning.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Classic Car Gurston Hillclimb Mini Single seater Triumph quattro sidecar https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/4/gurston-down-speed-hillclimb Thu, 23 Apr 2015 19:59:43 GMT
Thruxton Easter Revival https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/4/thruxton-easter-revival On Saturday 4th April, we headed down to Thruxton for their Historic Easter Revival. Having never been to Thruxton before, I wasn't really sure what to expect, all I had heard was that it is a very fast circuit (Fastest in England)and tends to be very cold! The Easter Revival Meeting brought together a mix of all sorts of classes of cars that would have raced here in days gone by, but mainly '60's and '70's era. With an easy ride down and no queues to park at all, in fact we were the twentieth car in the car park, the earlyish start proved worthwhile.


Unlimited access to the Paddock, meant that we could get up nice and close to the competing machinery, as the customary unloading and fettling began in earnest.


It seemed some participant's cars needed a bit more work than others to get them race ready!


Anxious looking drivers could be found in the Scrutineering shed as they wait to find out if their cars have been passed suitable to race.


Not only in Formula 1, are tyres deemed very important!


On site tyre suppliers and fitters were in attendance if new rubber was needed.


The customary tyre pressure check to make sure all is in order.


On leaving the paddock and making our way to a suitable place around the circuit, we came across a gathering of classic cars, with a nice trio of Austin Healeys displayed on the grass.


An equally impressive MG, looking very smart.


Then it was time for the action to begin.


The first thing that was very noticeable as soon as they started, was that yes indeed it was a very fast track.


To give you an example of how fast we are talking about, this Hesketh did a lap at an AVERAGE speed of over 200kph!


The cars came in all shapes and sizes, this particular one being one of the shortest!


If only all racing cars were painted a nice photogenic orange colour, our life would be a lot simpler!


The beauty of the crowd being small, in fact for the first couple of hours of action the marshals outnumbered the spectators, was that you could freely move around the track and try out various vantage points. Viewing angles sometime being outweighed by wind shelter characteristics. 


Big 5litre V8 engines made a glorious noise at full chat along one of the straights.


Talking of noise, you can always rely on an AC Cobra to assault your ears.


We had come to see close racing and there was plenty of action out on the track to keep you entertained.


Note the heavy duty roll bar in the cockpit, in case of mishap.


The single seaters showed how agile and nimble they could be as they darted through the corners.


Although not the fastest the Classic Touring Cars (Tin Tops) were hugely entertaining, and despite the huge differences in cubic capacity, the racing was close.


Lotus Cortinas as always very competitive in this class.


A Swiftuned Mini, whilst lacking in BHP compared to the competition, more than made up for it in agility.



Leading the pack.


A certain Mr Tiff Needell, of TV fame, back in his first ever racing car, came home a very credible third in his race.


Although a Classic event it was reassuring to note that modern safety equipment was in use as can be seen here with the HANS device attached to the helmet.


The Daffodils were out so it must be Spring!

A thoroughly enjoyable day, with plenty of room to move and freedom to explore the paddock, coupled with committed driving displays means that this will not be our only visit to Thruxton. If you have never been then I thoroughly recommend a visit. The day was cold and we never saw the sun once, but in true Motorsport spirit, we still ate a 99 from the ice cream van! Many thanks to all that took part, especially the volunteers and marshals, without whom events like this wouldn't happen.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) AC BARC Classic Car Cobra F5000 HSCC Mini Thruxton Tiff Needell racing https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/4/thruxton-easter-revival Wed, 08 Apr 2015 18:49:14 GMT
Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/3/goodwood-73rd-members-meeting The alarm duly went off at 5am on the morning of Sunday 22nd March, there aren't many events that would warrant such an early alarm call in my house, but the Members' Meeting is one that fits the bill. After we had such a good day last year at the first running of the meeting after many years of being dormant, we were looking forward to what Goodwood had to offer us this year. On a deceptively cold day we wrapped up warm, to explore the visual treats provided by Lord March.


The smallish crowd gathered waiting for the gates to open, as we were not alone in wanting to get there for the opening time.


You will notice the absence of people at this early hour, which is the reason for our early alarm call, as it isn't very often you see a deserted track at Goodwood.


Menacing looking Porsche resting in its garage, with its front peeking out into the light.


The mighty looking P1 GTR sunbathing. Looks fast standing still doesn't it?


Whilst the car runs on high octane fuel it seems that Rory and team run on high Caffeine fuel!


Lots of pre-event tinkering going on in the paddock.


Patination at its best, literally coated in history.


Little & Large.


If you wanted to stay out of the cold, the Great Hall was the place to get refuelled. I must say that Goodwood have the best Bacon and Egg rolls found at any venue we have ever been too!


After strolling round the deserted paddock and garages early in the morning, and taking onboard some of Lord March's cuisine it was time to get trackside and watch the racing commence. The first place we stopped was near the infamous chicane.


The chicane caught a few drivers out as can be seen here with No 21 heading off in totally the wrong direction.


The front runners attacked it at speed and popped a wheel in the air whist doing so.


You can't say that they weren't trying can you?


The chicane has the advantage for spectators that it tends to bunch the field up as can be seen here.


As the chicane attracted a largish crowd, we then headed off to find somewhere a bit quieter, and so after a quick ride on the trailer pulled by a tractor we got off at the far end of the circuit at Lavant corner where there was plenty of room to move. Next up it was the Sopwith Cup. If you thought that A40's like this one wouldn't be going very fast, then think again as Richard Meins in No 46 did a lap at an average speed in excess of 87mph!


Probably the fastest police car in Sussex at the weekend! Nice race number too!


The trusty Land Rover was out after each race towing in the cars that had hit trouble.


Next up was the high speed demonstration of the ferocious Group C cars.


The Martini stripes look good on just about any car don't they?


The noise from these machines was just immense.


Now that is what you call a proper rear wing!
Wouldn't be Group C without a big cat in the mix.
The Derek Bell Cup brought out the pocket rockets.
They may have been small in size but were still pretty rapid, as they don't carry a lot of weight around.
The Porsche's came out to play next for the John Aldington Trophy.
Close racing here as they hold on around the curve.
Next up was the demo runs of the High Airbox F1 cars. Has there ever been a better paint scheme in Formula 1 than the JPS one?
Now that is a striking crash hat design.
The only thing missing was the Murray Walker commentary!
You couldn't say that these lacked volume when they were running unlike todays F1 cars.
Looks a bit short and dumpty doesn't it!
The Earl Howe Trophy race was next up, and contained the oldest cars racing on the day. Just love the hand painted no 13, unlucky for some.
This MG may have been lacking in the cubic capacity department, but still showed a good turn of speed.
This Frazer-Nash was immaculately turned out, and surely kept the chain drive enthusiasts enthralled.
The sad sight of a forlorn broken down Bugatti.
Racing accidents happen and this looked an expensive one with the rear wheel hanging off at a strange angle.
The Tin Tops were out next for the Gerry Marshall trophy.
They came in all shapes and sizes, the mighty 7litre Camaro battling with the very rapid Mini 1275GT, real David and Golitah stuff.
The little Mini's seemed to attain the same speed around the corners as along the straights.
Rather sad looking figure of the retired driver surveying the continuing action.
Then we moved onto the McLaren F1 GTR demo. Best not to think about the value of the cars out there on track at this particular moment in time!
Striking colour scheme for a great looking car.
Looks good from any angle!
Then we had the Bruce McLaren Trophy, for the brutally fast big bangers.
The top runners were managing laps of over 105mph average, which is getting a shift on to say the least! Bit of a famous name on the back as well.
I may be wrong, but I am sure this isn't the racing line!
Next up was the Hawthorn Trophy, and the bright yellow Connaught was very eye catching.
Is there a better looking single seater than a 250F?
A bit of mid race nose reprofiling had obviously took place somewhere around the track.
Ferrari 500 leads the way round the bend.
At least the retiree could watch the action on the convenient large screen.
As the shadows lengthened it was time for the last race of the day.
The Salvadori Cup was simply filled with absolutely gorgeous machines such as this Devin.
D-Type looking at ease at serious speed.
Obviously rubbed someone up the wrong way!
As the sun set lower in the sky, it lit up the cars with its warm orange light.
Low slung cars in the low light, a perfect end to a packed sporting day.
Then it was time for us to head home, tired but happy. Once again it was a tremendous day out at Goodwood, with plenty of racing and a large selection of exquisite machinery to admire, spirited driving combined with a far smaller number of spectators than at the Revival made this a very special day for a motorsport fan like myself!
[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 73MM Alfa Romeo Classic Ferrari Goodwoood Jaguar Lister McLaren Motor Racing Porsche members meeting https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/3/goodwood-73rd-members-meeting Thu, 26 Mar 2015 22:32:06 GMT
Race Retro 2015 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/2/race-retro-2015 On Sunday 22nd February we headed up the M40 to Stoneleigh Park, to pay a visit to Race Retro, a show containing things related to all disciplines of Historic Motorsport. The Halls were packed with exhibits and traders to browse, with a live demonstration taking part outside. It was a very cold, bleak day and so the wide variety of indoor attractions had its benefits!

On of the more robust types of machinery on show!


No 50 looks fast standing still.


They do say that you can never have too many lights when it gets dark, but I would think this RS200 is adequately equipped for when the sun sets.


How about this for a striking colour scheme?


I do believe this would be fast enough for most people's needs.


The rear view of a very impressive Miura to Jota spec, which could indeed look resplendent on my drive now, if I had passed over the required £850,000, and bought it. I very nearly did, but then realised I was a little short of money, well £849,995 short to be honest!


When you see those infamous numbers, silver paintwork and Stirling Moss's signature, you think of only one make of car, Mercedes.


Quite what they were doing on a Fiat, I have no idea! A Fiat no less, with Mercedes wheels to confuse me even more!


Driving shoes in all styles ready for you to dance on the pedals with.


The real reason, for me at least, for attending Race Retro is for the outdoor demonstrations. Here we see one of the Historic Karting fraternity getting a push start to fire the engine up. No fancy laptops and cables to start these.


But, of course the highlight of the day was when the Rally Cars come out to play.


There were a diverse selection of Rally weapons on show, from these small hatchbacks to much bigger machines.


The Escorts of course, were the weapon of choice in their day, and this one looked resplendent in it's sponsor's paint colours.


With the rear of the body pulled down into the tarmac we can see that the acceleration is pretty savage.


Rear wheel drive, greasy tarmac and a very skilled driver means that the front wheels are never pointing in a straight line. A classic pose as the Escort gets plenty of sideways action.


Many years ago my Dad had one of these SD1's, and I never envisaged that anyone could turn such a big cruiser into a rally car, but clearly they did.


Ferrari's are never your immediate choice for making a suitable rally car, but here we have an example to prove that it can be done.


It may be small, but it is still mighty quick.


Small hatchback with a turbo engine kicking out some serious bhp, makes this Renault a small rocketship.


Talking of miniature rockets the 6R4, although not the prettiest of machines is gloriously built with only one thing in mind, speed!


As the course is quite compact there was an endless stream of cars coming around.


Just to prove that the drivers were really trying, have a look at the flames coming out of the front brake, as it is being worked extremely hard.


This Vauxhall had the best sounding engine of the day, a real raw brute of a machine, and looked a real handful to control, much to the crowds delight!

A really enjoyable day out, with plenty to look at, and the rally cars were a joy to watch, as their skillful drivers wrestled them around the track. 


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Classic Car Escort Metro 6R4 Race Retro Rally Rally Car Rover Sideways Stoneleigh Park https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/2/race-retro-2015 Fri, 27 Feb 2015 20:09:17 GMT
Islington https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/2/islington This year I am determined to explore more of London, and on Sunday February 15th, I headed up to Islington to have a look around the area. Islington has many fine shops and restaurants to offer, but I found the areas slightly away from the upmarket hub to be of more interest to me.

Islington has a vibrant cafe scene, and care had been taken to have a few flowers on each outside table.


Whilst another cafe preferred the more 'lived in' look!


Just a few strides away found the imposing blocks of flats, gathered together. Although the architecture may not be to everyone's taste, they are interesting all the same.


Tall and sky domineering, you can't fail to be impressed by their solid, rugged exterior. Not the most pleasing of colour palettes but the buildings do make a bold statement!

Although architecturally similar, the occupants make their homes individual if only in the variety of things on display in their balcony area, and the relative size of their satellite dish!


Just when you aren't expecting it, a very modern building pops up, with a more pleasing choice of exterior colour scheme.


It was refreshing to see a building not wholly designed with a straight rule, as the Angel Building's curved frontage shows here.


I think it is safe to say that this isn't the neatest bit of wiring I have ever seen!


The good old magazine kiosk, with something to read for everyone, added a bit of colour to the shopping area.

An interesting area of London, and one I would like to go back to investigate further, as I am sure there is much more to see and explore. 


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Angel Building Architecture Cafe Chairs Islington London Tables https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/2/islington Wed, 18 Feb 2015 22:32:16 GMT
VSCC Driving Tests 2015 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/2/vscc-driving-tests-2015 Feb 1st, saw us heading back to Brooklands for the Annual VSCC Driving Tests Day, where drivers in their pre-war cars have to negotiate various routes laid out, stopping at various places, swerving in and out of cones without hitting them all whilst being timed. A wide variety of machinery arrived to play, some more suitable than others for this type of discipline, but their respective drivers giving a spirited display of driving.


First port of call for all drivers and machinery is Scrutineering.


All lined up and raring to go!


Timeless isn't it?


With chain drive, no rear diff and a huge amount of skill you end up driving  like this. Car control this chap had was breathtaking at times.


On the greasy surface the drivers had to be very careful that they didn't start sliding where they didn't ought to!


All very casual this one handed driving technique you may think, but that hand is for holding on!


Two wheels at the front and only one driving at the rear made things a bit lively!


One of the more unusual tests was this one where competitors had to drive around the Christmas Tree in a circle, whist keeping the attached string taught enough to stop the suspended duck from dropping to the ground, but not too tight and pulling the tree over!


With any old machinery there is always some tinkering required to get them running as they should.


Patiently contemplating the ascent of the Test Hill.


One of the more upright competitors, a world away from some of the more low slung machinery in the other classes.


It might be my eyes playing tricks, but I am sure that spare wheel is bigger than the ones fitted to the car.


These cars always look so right up on parts of the original banking.


Notice the copious amounts of clothing everyone is wearing as it was seriously cold.


Warm hats were the order of the day, and I started to notice that the seriously stylish had matching hats and wheels.


Keeping up the colour matched wheels and hat scenario.


Please note the run over cone trapped under the front of this car.


How many men does it take to remove a cone from under a car? Five by the looks of it!


On such a cold day, huge respect and thanks must go out to the volunteer marshalls who still managed be in good humour, even when frozen through!

Once again, another great event at Brooklands Museum, and thanks must go to the VSCC for putting the event on.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2015 Brooklands Classic Car VSCC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/2/vscc-driving-tests-2015 Sun, 01 Feb 2015 20:44:51 GMT
Walk Around Bray https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/1/walk-around-bray On Sunday 25th January, I found myself with a couple of hours of free time, so popped down to the picturesque local village of Bray to have a walk around and to see what I could find. For those of you not familiar with Bray, it prides itself on its very tidy appearance, backed up with numerous 'Villages in Bloom' type awards in recent times, and boasts two, three star Michelin restaurants to its name.

I decided to have a wander round, keeping away from the much photographed pretty High Street to see if I could find anything a bit more interesting and appealing for my (Some would say strange) visual taste.


First thing I spotted was a field containing some impressive Highland Cattle, not something we see a lot of down here in the South. As it was a very cold afternoon I soon started looking enviously at their magnificent insulating coats!


I bet it wasn't shivering as much as I was when I took this picture!


As I stood by the fence, some of the more inquisitive beasts wandered over to have a look at me, so I took the opportunity to get up nice and close.


A lovely line of arched foliage protecting the footpath.


Really liked this charming rustic shed.


Nature starting to take over the man made objects left lying around.


It's a bit different to the hanging baskets and perfect paintwork of the High Street around here, isn't it?


Yes indeed, there is a tractor trying to escape the grip of the overgrown vegetation. Either that tractor has been left there a long time or that is some very fast growing weeds.


It's not all Jaguars and Gin in Bray, you know!

Really enjoyed my stroll around Bray, and to me, the not so pristine areas, hidden from normal view, had more appeal and character than the picture postcard part of Bray's expanding Haute Cuisine village centre, probably no more than 100 yards away from where I took these pictures. The contrast between the two areas is huge but to me fascinating!

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Bray Highland Cattle Maidenhead https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/1/walk-around-bray Wed, 28 Jan 2015 20:58:06 GMT
Bicester Heritage Sunday Brunch Scramble https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/1/bicester-heritage-sunday-brunch-scramble We made our first ever visit to Bicester Heritage for their Sunday Brunch Scramble on January 4th and we didn't really know what to expect. The day was very cold with the thermometers showing only minus numbers, allied with a good thick dose of freezing fog made wrapping up well a necessity! Once parked up we set about exploring this old RAF site which is now being sympathetically restored, and made into a centre for all things connected with classic cars and planes.


Classic cars were parked up all round the site, and there were some gorgeous examples on display.


The freezing fog stuck to this owner's prominent poppy on the journey to Bicester. On such a cold day you really have to admire the resolve of the drivers to bring their open top cars out to play.


Yes, it really was that cold!


Magnificent Bentley tucked away in one of the sheds.


In contrast to the brutish Bentley, the Bugattis look much more elegant!


That is what you call a very fine engine bay, both in presentation and design.


Every corner that you turned found another photogenic car, waiting in the cold to be photographed.


Just to give you some idea of the variety of vehicles on show, all with their own unique characteristics.


Rather liked this unusually painted Morgan, which seemed to change colour as you moved around it.


Not only were there some iconic cars on show, but the old buildings made great backdrops for them as well.


Every bit of space seemed to have a great car parked in it!


Not all vehicles were polished up, some such as this Land Rover wore their patina with pride, and rightly so!


People that know me, appreciate that I don't really take pictures of Porsches, but with bright yellow paintwork and a background that you could only dream about, I thought I would turn over a new leaf for the new year and give it a go!


Once I got started, it rather appealed to me!


The bikes were sensibly put in one of the buildings for shelter, and quite a few hardy riders rode them to the event.


Some of the old RAF equipment was put out on display, and very good it looked too!


Wonder what stories these machines could tell us if they could talk?


Out on the airfield there was a line up of planes to wander to and admire.


You can see just how cold and foggy it was with this photo.


There were lots of historical details such as this lifting beam to enjoy in the buildings to remind us all of their past uses.


Not only were the cars and planes great to take photos of, but I got quite interested in the buildings especially those displaying frozen cobwebs!


The buildings were painted in a variety of colours, which helped differentiate them.


Needless to say this is one of the buildings awaiting restoration, but very interesting all the same.


Derelict parts of the site had a certain charm to them for me, thought provoking, historical and many a story to tell.


A rather steamy E-Type starts up to begin the journey home.

Having arrived, not knowing what to expect, I was absolutely bowled over by how good this place is. Classic cars and planes, evocative historic buildings coupled with the atmospheric foggy conditions made it an event to remember. Many thanks must go to the hardy owners who brought their machines out to play, as well as the workers and volunteers who made the day run so smoothly, coupled with a big thank you to Bicester Heritage for their hospitality.

Really looking forward to visiting the next one in April!

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Bicester Heritage Classic Car Derelict Building Fog Sunday Brunch Scramble https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/1/bicester-heritage-sunday-brunch-scramble Thu, 08 Jan 2015 21:20:03 GMT
Brooklands New Year's Day 2015 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/1/brooklands-new-years-day-2015 New Year's Day saw us head down to Brooklands for their annual meet. One of the pleasures of this event is the sheer diversity of vehicles to look at, and you never know what will be just round the corner. The constant queue of cars entering the site in the morning, soon meant that the museum filled up with vehicles for all tastes.


See what I mean about an eclectic mix of vehicles on site!


There was even some heavy commercial stuff found trundling down the entrance slope.


Some people were obviously still in the Festive mood.


This Mini was prepared for action!


The E Type began boiling up in the queue, and was doing an impression of a kettle.


Quite a collection of Rovers.


Some American Muscle came out to play too.


Fast French Pocket Rocket.


A true English Gentleman's Express.


Not all exhibits were shiny bright, but wore their patina with pride.


A classy spare wheel.


One of the more unusual paint finishes.


A highlight of the day was a very kind invitation to tour the premises of The Brooklands Motor Company, where there was a magnificent collection of exotica on show. 


Pretty fine line up.


At various stages of restoration.


Once again a fantastic day out, with so much to look at. Many thanks to all the workers at Brooklands Museum, The Brooklands Motor Company, and all the owners that braved the cold weather to bring out their vehicles for display.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Brooklands Classic Car https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2015/1/brooklands-new-years-day-2015 Thu, 01 Jan 2015 21:12:00 GMT
Brooklands Military Vehicle Day 2014 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/11/brooklands-military-vehicle-day-2014 On the 16th November we headed down to Brooklands once again, this time for the Military Vehicles Day, all matt paint and mostly olive green in colour! This event seems to be growing each year, with the number of exhibits increasing in both size and variety. More owners are now dressing in the correct attire too, which helps build the military atmosphere around the site.


Land Rovers in all shapes and sizes have been the mainstay of military transport for many years, and a huge number turned up.


You definitely wouldn't want to argue with this machine out on the road!


I bet it was a good view from up there!


All the owners add with their own individual style to their vehicles.


Just in case of any injuries.


Reflective Land Rover.


The recent rain, made sure there were plenty of puddles over on the Mercedes Benz World off road course, where the Military vehicles were allowed to play for an hour.


Scout Car paddling around.


Land Rovers take to puddles like ducks take to water.


Quite possibly the biggest splash of the day!


Goggles at the ready.


Not to be outdone, the motorcycling fraternity decided to get their feet wet!


A couple of very important passengers.


Monty and Winnie of their way back to the Museum.


Plenty of luggage on this outfit.


Later in the afternoon, the Test Hill was open for runs.


Not all were successful in getting to the top of the hill, and this participant was escorted back down again.

Once again, another very successful event put on by Brooklands Museum, make a date in your diary for next year.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2014 Brooklands Jeep Landrover Military Monty Puddles Splashing Winston Churchill https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/11/brooklands-military-vehicle-day-2014 Thu, 20 Nov 2014 20:54:01 GMT
Walk Around London https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/11/walk-around-london Last Sunday, we headed up to London to find it bathed in sunshine and remarkably warm for a late Autumn day, so warm in fact that it was difficult to remember at times that it was November 9th! We started off with breakfast in our favourite place in Kensington High Street, Cafe Tarte, great, fresh food at reasonable prices. But enough of my culinary experience, we were out to take some pics.


Looking above the shops in Kensington High Street, there is another world that most people never look up to see.


The sunlight picked out the detail in the exterior of the Royal Garden Hotel.


Walking onwards we found ourselves in Exhibition Road, outside some of the Imperial College buildings.


The classical frontage of the buildings opposite make a nice wallpaper for the modern glass frontage of the College.


Even the cladding up high is a source of reflected architecture.


Makes you wonder if modern architecture is a step in right direction, doesn't it?


Opposite the College is this modern church building housing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Walking further on we were soon standing outside one of the finest buildings in London, in my humble opinion, The Natural History Museum, absolutely smothered in fine details, and the more you look, the more you find to admire!


A coach was parked outside the museum, which normally wouldn't have excited me too much but it luckily came with some very reflective windows!


We did get some strange looks photographing a coach, but I think it is a bit  different to the usual shots of the museum!


Never one to shy away from taking a car detail shot, and this Tesla parked in the street was too good to walk by without taking a few pics.


Of course, London, like any busy bustling city, is all about the people. Though I must admit to not taking many people photos, even I was tempted to start taking some, especially when they are dressed to be noticed.


Must be lunch time!


Walking back to Kensington High Street, past The Royal Albert Hall, some colourfully uniformed guards were guarding the entrance, ready to greet some important guests going there for a Remembrance Concert.


Further along we came across, what must rate as one of the most peaceful protests ever, as a group of Romanians were demonstrating about the recent vote that they felt wasn't conducted fairly.


Not exactly spitting hatred is he?


Once again another great day in our Capital, with many varied sights to take in and enjoy!




[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Cafe Tarte Coach Exhibition Road Kensington London Natural History Museum Walk https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/11/walk-around-london Sat, 15 Nov 2014 00:14:20 GMT
Brooklands Autumn Motorsport Day https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/10/brooklands-autumn-motorsport-day Time marches on at a tremendous pace, and so we find ourselves heading down to Brooklands for their Autumn Motorsport Day on October 12th. Despite there being some changeable weather around at the weekend it remained dry at this event, luckily, ensuring a good turnout of cars, as well as a good number of spectators.

The range in competitive cars was immense with most disciplines represented, and there were some real rarities being given an airing.


I got there nice and early and stated to look around the paddock as cars began to arrive. This Fiat looked very racy just parked up, let alone in motion.


Alfa 4C looking very curvy!

A queue of Ferraris entering the museum site for display.
The exquisite early Ferrari, glinting in the weak early morning sunshine.

The Autotest drivers kept us entertained with their display of driving skills, as they slid and span their cars around the cones.
How retrained and elegant this elderly car looks, even if you can see a human face represented.
Lamborghinis always look better in vibrant colours, I feel.
Some of the normally hidden engineering on display as cars were fettled.
Pair Of Carbs.
This well travelled Marshall's mascot on display.
Just about the coolest snack van I have seen.
At midday various machines were let loose around the MB World track, to show us what they were capable of.
This lightweight flying machine was unbelievably rapid.
No 136, in case you were wondering.
Looks as if the engine has outgrown the car!
Now that is an evocative colour scheme.
Simply stunning, and the glorious noise it made was a joy to hear.
Formula Nippon machine.
As the pace cars was removed for the demo runs of the Formula Nippon and this Formula 1 Benetton, we were able to fully appreciate the howling engine note as they chased up and down the gearbox.
From any angle, it still looks a menacing machine.
After the demo runs, the Silver Arrows demonstration team, showed off their driving prowess to the crowd, and very impressive they were too.

Later on in the afternoon the Test Hill was in action, which is always a crowd pleaser, particularly if there is some spirited driving on display such as 'Marky' demonstrated.
None pleased the crowd more than the driver of this racing Bentley who managed to wheelspin the whole way up the hill, which caused much clapping from the appreciative crowd, along with coughing and nose blowing as the acrid burnt rubber aroma filled their lungs!
In case you were wondering if the participants get apprehensive before barrelling up the hill, just have a close look at this passenger's expression!
Once again a fantastic day out, looking forward to next year's event already!
[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2014 Autumn Motorsport Brooklands Classic Car Ferrari https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/10/brooklands-autumn-motorsport-day Wed, 15 Oct 2014 21:57:18 GMT
Concours Of Elegance, Hampton Court Palace https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/9/concours-of-elegance-hampton-court-palace On Sunday September 7th, we headed off to Hampton Court Palace for the Concours Of Elegance 2014. This is the third year that this event has been run, the previous two at Windsor Castle and St James Palace respectively, both of which I also visited. The first thing that struck me as I walked in was that there was an awful lot more space for the cars to be displayed in, than the two previous venues. So much so that not only were the Concours cars displayed within the gardens, but also the entrants from the Octane Tour when they arrived, as well as cars from selected owner's clubs. This obviously meant that there were plenty of cars for us to study!

Although the cars were polished up to an inch of their lives as you would expect, the surrounding roads and paths were very dusty in their nature, and the valeting team had their work cut out keeping the film of dust off the cars as they sat on display, and at times it was a losing battle for them. The cars of course were magnificent, although I would have to comment that there wasn't the occasional jaw dropping wow inducing machine that there has been at the the previous two events, either that or I am getting harder to please in my old age. Either way, this was still the best collection of important cars that you will see in Britain this year.


Simply stunning, as a 1960's Ferrari should be of course!


One of the more unusual vehicles on display, which would probably prove a bit tricky to clamber into!


They sure could bash out some classy bodywork, those Figoni et Falaschi boys.


In case you were wondering, this is the front end of a delectable Bugatti.


Just in case you needed verification of the Bugatti credentials.


That is what you call a boot!


Fantastic finish on this Eagle Low Grag GT.


Curves everywhere.


Ettore's initials on show.


Rear view of the one off Ferrari F12 TRS.


Polishing cloth in hand, inspecting handiwork.


An ant's view of a few million quids worth of Italian exotica. 


Metal and windows.


Highly reflective metal surfaces create all kinds of abstract art.


I wonder if they only polished the bottom half of the back wheel that was on show?


I'm sure the shoes weren't that big in real life!


The Royal Bear keeping an eye on things.


A couple of artists were in attendance, and just look at how realistic the painting that he is working on looks. 40 hours of work had gone into this small work of art up to this point. Should have taken up photography, 1/500secs normally creates my picture!


Just a few pots of paint being used, by another artist.


The band obviously took requests by mobile phone.


At the end of the day it was time for the cars to make their way home or indeed to the safety of their transporter, and so the Grand Depart started. The previously mentioned dust can be seen in the next few pics. The Jaguar driver above was doing a good impression of a goldfish!


A very grand car in front of  a very grand house.


Super desirable California.


One way to carry your luggage I suppose.


Overtaking down the outside. Love the way that the tyres on the large Bugatti look ridiculously thin by today's standards.


Sure enough the day proved very exhausting for some!

The weather was kind, the setting was magnificent and the cars were of the highest quality. Can't ask for more than that!



[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Classic Car Concours Of Elegance Ferrari Hampton Court Palace https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/9/concours-of-elegance-hampton-court-palace Sat, 13 Sep 2014 20:44:24 GMT
Holiday In France https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/8/holiday-in-france Having just returned from an enjoyable holiday in France, I thought I would share with you some pics and and a few words about our time there. Some people give a quizzical look when told that instead of zooming off to Brittany or the Riviera, we always stop in the Pas-de-Calais region, and arrive in our destination of Guines within 20 minutes of getting off the Eurotunnel. With everyone rushing off to (hopefully) sunnier climes, this leaves us with virtually empty beaches to explore.


The coast around the area is very scenic, and differs from large sandy beaches to picturesque rocky shoreline. After walking over the rocky shoreline at Audresselles, we found ourselves down at the water's edge admiring the water movements over some semi submerged rocks.


The tide had done a good job of carving patterns into the sand.


Next door to Audresselles is Ambleteuse, and the main feature of the large pebbly beach is the 17th Century Fort Mahon.


The Fort is surrounded by large water eroded boulders, and the clinging Mussels are regularly harvested by locals, who can be seen with buckets along most beaches when the tides recede.


Sea life found on the beach.


The beach at Bleriot Plage is usually a bit on the windy side, as can be seen with the sand gusting along in this picture. Although a bit cold it wasn't as cold as the atmosphere between these two as they parted pretty smartly!


Windy conditions are welcomed by some of the more adventurous sports people and this windsurfer here demonstrates its benefits.


The glorious sandy beach at Wissant is a magnet for the windsurfing and kitesurfing community as well as attracting the usual beach users. The water is surprisingly warm, as we found out when we swam in it. All the activities are segregated to ensure safety, and a team of Lifeguards are always on duty.


See what I mean about deserted beaches? Don't forget this is peak time in August!


Plenty of room to get your deckchair out!


As you can see Wissant is a very big beach, indeed.


At this end of Wissant there used to be various left over WW2 concrete bunkers, but since our visit last year they have been removed, and the wooden posts planted in the sand.


I can only assume that the wooden posts are a form of sea defence system, and I couldn't help taking a few pics of them whilst I was there.


Not sure what has happened to the odd one at the end of the row that is leaning over.


Hard to believe that a few wooden posts kept me entertained for a while, but they did!


They may have recently been put in by human, but nature is already beginning to alter them.


There are always one or two not staying in line.


The running water soon moulds the area around it.


Of course not everyday was gloriously sunny, we did have a couple of showers, as these two fishermen could verify. It always surprises me how the sea can change in character so quickly depending on the weather, blue and inviting one minute, moody and chilling the next.


After a short drive up to Cap Blanc Nez, the rolling agricultural land around could be seen for a long way.


From such a high vantage point the beaches looked even bigger to me.


No, they are not ants but people enjoying the beach of Escalles.

Next time you get off the tunnel or ferry and embark on a long drive to your holiday resort, perhaps give yourself a little time to explore the local area first, you may be pleasantly surprised.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Ambleteuse Audresselles Beach Calais Fort France Mahon Pas-de-Calais Wissant https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/8/holiday-in-france Thu, 21 Aug 2014 20:20:19 GMT
Brooklands Great War 100 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/8/brooklands-great-war-100 On Sunday 3rd August 2014, we headed down to Brooklands for their Great War 100 Day, to commemorate the start of WW1. All modes of transport from that era, were represented, and it is remarkable to think that so many pieces of machinery are still in use some 100 years after they were made. I wonder if today's cars will still be serviceable in 100 years time, or will the plastics now used prove to have a shorter lifespan than than the large chunks of engineered metal from the bygone era?

A warm day greeted us, as well as a large amount of exhibits to look at, and there was a very sizable crowd of visitors too!


This modern trailer hides a much older set of wheels inside!


A few old style songs could soon be heard around the museum being performed by a musical duo.


A very well dressed singer!


HRH Prince Michael Of Kent came along in his role as Royal Patron of the Museum.


Not a bad level of shine for something so old.


All 4 words legendary!


Just in case of a puncture.


Pukka Luggage.


Curvy reflections.


The Clubhouse in the Napier's lights.


Nice bit of coachlining.


The flags were out.


A trader's stock brought back many happy childhood memories.


The aircraft section were represented too, both on the ground.


And in the air. Four WW1 planes provided a great air display.


After lunch the cars headed over to Merc World for a few demonstration laps of the circuit. The large appreciative crowd enjoyed it too!


Had to take it carefully on the wet slippery surface of the skid pan.


More wood than metal in this vehicle.


Proving three wheels are just as good as four.


The cavalcade continued on its journey.


Look, no hands!


Pedal power, rather than horse power.


Drivers don't look too displeased to be stuck behind the cyclist.


It was then back to the museum for some runs on the finishing straight and the banking.


The early Ford swinging round the corner.


It might be steam driven, but still had a fair turn of speed.


Who called the Fire Brigade?


Of course whilst enjoying the excellent event, it was a time for reflection too, as we remembered those that had made such sacrifices to let us live the life we now do. Let us make sure they are never forgotten.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 100 2014 Brooklands Classic Car Great War HRH Planes Prince Michael Of Kent WW1 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/8/brooklands-great-war-100 Mon, 04 Aug 2014 22:15:48 GMT
Brooklands Reunion https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/7/brooklands-reunion On Sunday 13th July 2014, Brooklands Museum hosted their Reunion Day, to commemorate 75 years since the track closed to motor racing at the outbreak of WW2. The day was intended to give an insight into how Brooklands would have been in its heyday before war broke out. Lots of cars and bikes from that era turned out to support the day, and some of the entrants and crowd dressed in period attire too.


A gorgeous Lagonda racer resting outside some appropriate shed doors.


A sharp shower of rain was the only interruption of the good weather on the day, but this trio still shone.


To give us an idea of what a racing start would have been like in those days, grids of cars and bikes were formed and flagged away.


Looks as if he has found one of the infamous Brookland's bumps, sending his front wheel into the air.


Just stunning!


Sunbeam 350 hp record breaker in all its glory.


Built for speed in its day.


The biking brigade were keen to get in on the act as well.


Proper silencer on this meaty Norton.


Full 'yesteryear' scene.


One tend to get a bit oil smothered riding these old bikes!


Raindrops didn't last long after the shower, as the sun soon made an appearance to dry them up.


Now that is what you call a horn.


Nice Mascot.


A credit to its owner who keeps it in such magnificent condition.


When coachbuilding was a definite art form.


Need a steady hand to paint those red coachlines.


Firing order on show.


Plenty of pipes to get the hot exhaust gases out of the way.


Teddy Bear taking part in a Charity event at MB World.


At lunchtime, action switched to the Mercedes Benz World track where the old cars were going to circulate. The 'Silver Arrows' display team were a very good warm up act!


The mighty Napier Railton stretching its legs.


It is only when you see the Napier Railton at this angle, that you realize what a monster of a machine it actually is.


A very stylish car with very stylish passengers on board.


British through and through.
As much metal polish as petrol needed to run this one, I would think.
May not be a very big car, but I bet it is huge fun.

Open air motoring at speed.
Just about the oldest car there.
Very rapid Frazer Nash.

Considering its lofty stance this early Essex proved very agile.

No Brooklands event is ever complete without some action on the trusty Test Hill for the drivers to attack with gusto, and they didn't disappoint.
Lots of smoke from the dainty T37A.

Flowers in the back window.
Once again another great event at Brooklands, and I am sure everyone that attended got a real flavour of pre war Brooklands racing.
[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2014 Austin Bentley Brooklands Bugatti Classic Car Reunion https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/7/brooklands-reunion Fri, 18 Jul 2014 21:14:37 GMT
Ace Cafe Ton-Up Day https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/7/ace-cafe-ton-up-day Brooklands  Museum hosted the Ace Cafe Ton-Up Day, on July 6th, for all things motorcycling. Although aimed at the Cafe Racer post war type of machine, motorbikes from all eras were invited. The museum site was soon filled with all types of two and three wheel machines from the earliest days of bone shaking biking right up to present day superbikes. The riders came in from all directions, including a group that road down from the infamous Ace cafe.


The Ace Cafe memorabilia on show for the tea drinkers.


Modern take on the Cafe Racer theme, packing plenty of punch.


How they used to look. Big single cylinder thumping away, classic riding leathers and proper open face helmet.


The right look.


Plenty of burnt rubber from the modern brigade.


Jewel like small Honda, that unfortunately crashed at the top of the Test Hill.


Plenty of tassels and chrome on this immaculate Harley.


No, I am sure you are not meant to ride an outfit, side saddle!


Underneath that jacket was indeed the legendary Phil Read MBE, with a mighty haul of 8 World Championships to his name, a true legend in motorcycling circles.


Italian bike with a British Helmet.


Some of the helmet designs started catching my eye, particularly those with paint schemes to match the bike.


Obviously an Ace Cafe fan.


Eyes in the back of their head!


This Vincent showing a more stylish way to transport some luggage.


Reflective BSA.


Triple chrome Harley lights, with a lovely blue and fluffy cloud sky.


Must be a hog!


As this modern Morgan car only has three wheels I guess it makes it an honorary bike for the day!


Some of the riders displayed a good selection of badges in true biker style as modeled here by 'Lofty'.


Chequer design hat part of the Ace Cafe culture.


A rather stylish look, complete with refined sun glasses.


The live band were great, and played some suitable era music.


I guess this guy didn't travel to Brooklands on a bike with his Double Bass!


All the usual Brooklands were open for viewing as well.


Even though it was a biking day, couldn't resist taking a pic of this pristine Mustang.


With so much to see and do, some people found the whole day very tiring indeed!

Once again another great event from the Brooklands team, with a very wide variety of bikes on show to appeal to all tastes.


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Ace Cafe Bikes Brooklands Cafe Racer Classic Car Harley Ton-Up Day https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/7/ace-cafe-ton-up-day Thu, 10 Jul 2014 20:02:34 GMT
Festival Of Speed 2014, Goodwood https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/festival-of-speed-2014-goodwood We headed down to Goodwood for the Thursday of this event in the hope that the crowd would be reduced and this would hopefully make photography a little easier. This indeed proved correct as we arrived around 7-30am to be pleasantly surprised by the near empty car parks. Although the Thursday is officially called the Moving Motor Show, all the other attractions are up and running, the only difference being that the classic cars don't run up the hill as that is reserved for people taking test drives in new cars instead. Although the Festival Of Speed is a fantastic event, the large crowds do tend to take the edge off of the enjoyment, but we now seem to have found the answer to the problem, go on the Thursday, just don't tell anyone else!!


The customary statue in front of the Goodwood House (Only this year over it) had a Mercedez theme with these two racers from vastly different eras on show.


This racing McLaren was lurking by the side of the walkway to the Driver's area.


Macca 650s shown in a lurid green colour that attracted all the flying bugs as the day went on!


There were the usual glittering array of Supercars on display in the Supercar Paddock, and for me this La Ferrari was the pick of the bunch, but then I am a bit biased towards Maranello's finest.


It really was gorgeous, and all the better for being displayed in the traditional Ferrari red.


Never thought I would say that an Orange paintjob suited a Mercedes, but in this case I rather think it does!


This Nissan had a rather eye straining graphic running all over it.


Don't envy the touch up guy if you scratch it!


A bit of quality engineering on show at McLaren.


The bikes on display were pretty impressive too, this little jewel of a racing Suzuki caught my eye, if for no other reason than the thinness of those tyres.

Of course the big and bold Victory brand of bikes have plenty of room for ornaments on the front mudguard.


A wide range of classic racing machinery was on display too, and I really liked the way the driver had displayed his crash hat for us.


All the 7's.


Back end of a fast Pug.


One of the more iconic sponsor liveries displayed on an iconic car.


Besides the cars on display some people were just sitting round, whose pictures had to be taken.


Even posing without knowing it!


The Concours lawn was filled with some very sparkly cars and to my surprise some not so perfect, but this Macca was of the former variety.


Even small details on these cars are beautifully presented, no white dried line of car polish dust here.


A bit of French metalwork, polished up.


A nice group of trumpets under a perspex cover to keep them clean!


Haven't seen this paint finish in the touch up spray can selection in Halfords.


Beautifully turned out David Brown Speedback on show to prospective customers, of which you could be one if you have a spare £½million burning a hole in your pocket.


One of the big attractions of this event, is the large display of F1 machinery on show. You must need a pianist's fingers to operate this steering wheel.


A coupe of Ferrari's peaking out from their garage.


How the factory racing cars were transported once upon a time.


How they are transported these days!


We walked up the hill past the Porsche demo area proving that it isn't only horses that like playing in fields.


These buggy racers looked great fun, and managed to cover us in dust on their way past.


Finally arriving at the Rally Stage at the top of the hill, and yet more dust.


Once again Lord March and his team put on a fantastic event, and we returned home happy but exhausted.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Classic Car Festival Of Speed Goodwood Moving Motor Show https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/festival-of-speed-2014-goodwood Mon, 30 Jun 2014 19:45:57 GMT
Brooklands Double 12 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/brooklands-double-12 On the weekend of June 14 and 15th we headed down to Brooklands for the Double 12 event, which incorporated a Speed Trial, Driving Tests and a Concours. The weather could best be described as mixed, but on the whole was dry, which was good, particularly as we had a very severe thunderstorm in the early hours of Saturday morning.

We headed over to the Mercedes Benz World track when we arrived on the Saturday morning to have a stroll around the paddock for the Speed Trials, and as you can see, in the normal Brooklands tradition, the spectators could get up nice and close to inspect the machinery. The paddock still had a few largish puddles left by the overnight storm.


Racing boots getting an airing!


I did like the way the filler cap on the car mirrored the badge.


Out on the track the action began, and there really was some lovely old machinery being put through its paces.


Even the larger cars such as this Lagonda were being hustled through the course.


Absolutely stunning Alfa at Speed.


Even with two extra wheels at the back this potent MG still looked a handful.


Some of the entrants got a little out of shape and tried a bit of off-roading.


Not much sophistication, but I bet this is great fun to drive.


For those of you that want a bit more comfort, you can't beat a well upholstered seat to relax in, but don't be fooled, this is a very potent and quick machine.


From the lofty heights of the previous car to the rather lower ground hugging example we see here to illustrate the vast variety of machinery that took part.


This car had been Tangoed!


During the lunchbreak, we headed for a bit of shelter back at the Museum site to try and stay dry as this heavy shower appeared.


Of course the rain left some of the cars covered in lovely water droplets for us to photograph, that is until the owners got to work with their chamois leathers.


The Stunt Drive team then entertained us in front of the clubhouse, and showed us their fantastic car control as they slid their machines in all directions with inch perfect control.


They jumped into a normal Mini and demonstrated their parallel parking technique sliding it into a very tight space at speed as the next photos illustrate. The parking Mini is coming in at speed, sliding into the space virtually sideways on the right.


I began wincing at this point waiting for the bump.


But I needn't have worried as these boys can position a car at speed to the nearest half inch it seems. One of the most impressive demonstrations of car control I have every seen, to be honest.


The Concours element attracted some stunningly turned out machinery, as this immaculate Jaguar engine shows.


Whilst others went in for a more used, rustic, rusty look!


Super clean Super Snake! Made a lovely noise when started too!


One of the older cars on display showing its workmanlike engine.


A bonnet strap after the rain.


Lovely paintwork shows off the strap to good effect.


Believe it or not this is the bonnet of a DB7, a car that doesn't normally excite me too much but this one was a bit special.


Style galore with this lovely Bristol.


Buffed up Lea-Francis


A piece of Brooklands aviation heritage reflected in the mirror.


A car that really caught me eye was this pristine example of a Jensen-Ford. More of which can be seen in the next two photos.


Just to keep you on your toes try and work out this visual puzzle!


Just to prove the Jensen part of the car.


A coupe take a stroll along the historic banking.


Loved this small bear taking a ride on the bus.


If steam power is your thing then Whistling Billy was there, and as you can see by the blistered paint, does tend to get a bit hot.


The Driving Tests took place all over the Museum site on the Sunday, and this one was right in front of the Club House. As can be seen by the smoking back tyres, spirited driving was encouraged by an appreciative round of applause from the crowd.


If you want a low slung car then this is the one for you!


A stylish car driven by an equally stylish driver.


When Le Mans cars were pure of line.


Underneath this immaculate bonnet lurks a mighty 27ltr Merlin engine.


The Merlin powered Handlye Special proved a little cumbersome in the Driving Tests due to its size. 


However when the Handlye Special was given the straight Test Hill to climb, it did so with tyre smoking gusto, as the rear tyres soon ran out of grip when the loud pedal was pressed.

Another great weekend at Brooklands, some fantastic cars, plenty of spirited driving and the opportunity to get up close to have a good look at the machinery made it an unforgettable couple of days. Many thanks to all the hard working marshalls and Brooklands staff who made it all possible. Can't wait for Double 12, 2015.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2014 Brooklands Classic Car Double 12 VSCC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/brooklands-double-12 Mon, 23 Jun 2014 20:56:51 GMT
London Trip - Royal Albert Hall And Surrounding Area https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/london-trip---royal-albert-hall-and-surrounding-area On Sunday June 8th we ventured up to London, on what turned out to be a very hot day. We started off at Kensington High Street, and after refreshment at our favourite cafe in the area (Cafe Tarte which I can highly recommend) we headed off in the direction of the Royal Albert Hall and surrounding area.


Part of one of the Imperial College Buildings.


The entrance to Imperial College on Exhibition Road.


A reflective look along the front entrance.


Two very different styles of building next door to each other, one of which you might recognize from the previous photo.


A very impressive light found on the Royal College Of Music frontage, and because of the warmth of the day the windows were open, and the tuneful melodies could be heard by us out on the street.


The Royal Albert Hall really is a magnificent building, and well worth some time studying in detail.


An Albert reflected in another Albert.


The restoration may be a bit bright for some, but a bit of bling never hurt anyone!


Differing architectural styles in all directions.


The front of The Royal Garden Hotel looked impressive in a modern style too.


Boris bikes, in their soon to be changed livery.


It wouldn't be a day out with my camera if I didn't take a picture of an interesting car, so I was delighted to find this classic Volvo P1800 at the side of the Kensington Road, complete with a For Sale sign in the back window. Yours for £23500 if you are interested!


Once again another very enjoyable day out in our capital, as we found new places to wander round, and made us more determined to go back again soon to see some more sights.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Architecture Imperial College Kensington High Street London Royal Albert Hall Volvo P1800 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/london-trip---royal-albert-hall-and-surrounding-area Fri, 13 Jun 2014 21:04:02 GMT
Reitlinger & Guards Club, Maidenhead https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/reitlinger-guards-club-maidenhead I wandered down to one of my favourite parts of the River Thames this evening, Guards Club Park and Reitlinger Open Space here in Maidenhead. A quiet tucked away area, that is far removed from the usual busy riverside venues. I wanted to see how the wildlife were doing in the area, and whether there had been any new additions added recently.

Promising start when I found a Great Crested Grebe perched on her nest.


Then all the action began!


The swans soon came along to show off their young, which are looking very healthy.


There was even one ready and willing to pose.


The squirrel didn't want to be left out, and started hanging around while it ate its dinner.


It really was quite tame and didn't seem to mind having its portrait taken.


Looking a little more closely at the foliage, a Damselfly was basking in the sun.


Couldn't resist taking the leaf up close.


Not sure what bird the feather belonged to, but it looked picturesque floating by on the river.


It you haven't been down to this area of the river, then get down there and have a look. It is never crowded and is an ideal venue to sit and relax, but remember to keep a look out for the wildlife!


[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Damselfly Feather Great Crested Grebe Guards Club Maidenhead Reitlinger River Thames Squirrel https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/6/reitlinger-guards-club-maidenhead Sat, 07 Jun 2014 21:29:32 GMT
Somerset House And Surrounding London Area https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/5/somerset-house-and-surrounding-london-area As the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition was taking place at Somerset House, a venue I had never visited before, the trip was made 'up to town' to look at the exhibition and hopefully take some photos of the surrounding area. It just so happened to be the hottest day of the year so far, with unbroken clear blue skies. 

Somerset House is a truly wonderful piece of classic architecture, and well worth a visit in its own right. The Sony exhibition was fabulous, with lots of great and inspiring photos, which made us want to go and take some of our own even more!


The ceiling of the entrance to Somerset House.


The central courtyard.


The fountains were very popular on such a hot day!


Architectural details were all around.


Looking at the arched windows, and their reflections, got me wondering what went on behind them.


With some windows open to let some fresh air in, it looked as if lunch was served!


After leaving Somerset House, we wandered down towards Fleet Street, passing the Royal Courts Of Justice on the way. This upper section of the building illustrates the level of craftsmanship that went into creating these magnificent buildings. 


The old and not so old!


The area is a real mix of architectural styles.


There were a few bottles on display in these two windows.


Curves and square edges sit side by side. The Black building on the left is the Express building.


When you venture round the back of these buildings, things are not so ornate.


A bit of rubbish to be collected hidden around the back of a building.

All in all a great day out, and every time I venture up to London, I find so much of interest to look at, and realise how lucky I am to live so close to this great Capital City of ours.

[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) Fleet Street London Somerset House architecture https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/5/somerset-house-and-surrounding-london-area Sun, 18 May 2014 21:24:16 GMT
VSCC Spring Start At Silverstone https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/4/vscc-spring-start-at-silverstone Having not been to Silverstone for many years, and keen to see some of the new development work there, we headed to the VSCC Spring Start meeting on April 13th to have a look. The first surprise on arrival was the lack of people, as we pulled up in the sparsely populated Paddock Car Park, and within a few strides were ensconced in the Paddock, where spectators were free to wander around and see the cars up close being fettled and prepared for the day's racing. Being able to get access like this makes these grass root events so much more interesting, I feel. All a bit different at the Grand Prix held here later in the year I am sure!

A few large transporters and motorhomes on show, and I felt like Ted Kravitz walking down here!


Last minute checks, and please note that the mechanic has the obligatory cut finger!


A bit of attention needed at the front end, but nothing that a fistful of cable ties won't cure by the look of it!


Bonhams had a stand showing some of their star lots from their future sale, and if you have a spare 7 figure sum that you are not sure what to do with, how about bidding on this ex-Graham Hill Lotus?


Or how about this lovely old Bentley Continental R Type? Pure sophistication and class for the discerning driver, I am not sophisticated, have no class, and am certainly not very discerning, but I would still love one of these classics!


Just about the smartest looking Austin Healey I have ever seen.


Couldn't resist taking a photo of this stylish motorhome front light assembly.


You have to keep your wits about you as the cars move around the paddock.


Access to the garages was allowed,  and found this car lurking, with the pit lane in the background.


A Frazer Nash displaying its rewards for winning its race on Saturday.


As you can see there was plenty of room in the stands, as we virtually had the place to ourselves. We settled on Copse Corner to see the racing action. One disappointment was that all round the track the fencing was around 10 feet high as you can see on the left hand side of this picture, and so made photography very difficult.


My brother  demonstrating our solution to getting a clear shot of the cars, above the fencing.  However, there were very limited places where this worked, and a very limited timescale of being able to hang on like this before your aching legs and feet cried enough. As you have probably gathered by now, smooth panning proved a little problematic!


The highlight of the meeting for many, was the large collection of ERA machines assembled.


The ERA's came in all different colours, and were individual in other ways too.


The infamous 'Remus' making an outing, and probably the most famous ERA of them all. Originally raced by Prince Bira, and proudly wearing the flag of Siam, it has been said that this is the most raced car ever.


The ERA E Type looked sublime, and is very reminiscent of some of the pre-war German racing cars.

Proving that the reputation of ERA's being tricky to drive at the limit is correct, this driver went for  a quick spin, but thankfully no harm was done to either driver or car.
Shouldn't think the tyres were much good afterward though!

Whether he missed the barriers by skill or good luck I am not sure!
The smaller cars proved entertaining as well. The troublesome high fencing can be clearly seen in the background.
A dinky little Maserati at speed.
As you can see there isn't much spare room around the driver, as the cars are very small.
A good day was had, even though the racing wasn't the closest I have ever seen, the easy accessibility made up for it. True to Silverstone legend the fierce cold wind kept us wrapped up and shivering for most of the day, but when we got home we discovered we had sunburnt faces!
[email protected] (DAMP-PICS) 2014 Car Racing Classic Car ERA Silverstone Spring Start VSCC https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/4/vscc-spring-start-at-silverstone Thu, 17 Apr 2014 21:42:26 GMT
Goodwood 72nd Members' Meeting https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/4/goodwood-72nd-members-meeting On Sunday March 30th, we set off for Goodwood very early in the morning (Particularly early as the clocks changed that night) to arrive as the gates opened at 7-30am. As the 71st Members' Day was held in the 1960's, people had been waiting for the 72nd one for an awful long time, but the wait was truly worth it. Lord March, as you know, runs two very successful motorsport event, The Festival Of Speed and The Revival, and this day promised to be a mixture of the two, without the stifling huge crowd that they attract. Dressed as per the dress code in jacket and tie, which I must say is a little bit more formal than my usual photography wear at motorsport events of jeans and a T-Shirt, we tried to mingle with 'The Right Crowd'.


The first thing that struck me on entering the venue was the space around the cars, the ease of accessibility to the cars (No barriers or ropes here), and the glorious lack of crowding. We began by having a wander round the paddock, taking in the sight of so many important and breathtaking cars, and at times my brain became overloaded by the exotic sights that were put in front of me. Usually one of such models such as D-Types, C-Types, GT40s and racing Bugattis would be a real highlight of any event, but here there were 4 or more of each! If they looked this good in the Paddock, just imagine how good they looked and sounded when they were racing on the track.

A glorious red GT40 lurking in the paddock, in fact one of quite a few.


A big cat lurking undercover, waiting to be woken up and exercised.


The Turbo F1 cars were there too, and this Benetton brought back memories for me, of a trip to the Austrian Grand Prix, to see them in action in the 80's with Gerhard Bergher at the wheel.


Racing Bugattis are a particular favourite of mine, so with 25 in attendance, I had plenty to look at and admire the stunning design and engineering, that makes these so sought after.


These two were tucked away in a corner, looking a little forlorn.


Of course, it wouldn't be a racing paddock, if some early morning fettling wasn't being done before the race.


6R4 perched up nice and high on its jacks, for some maintenance. What a pocket rocket these cars are, almost as wide as they are long, and surely tremendous fun for the very brave drivers.


Now, where did we put the rest of the car??


McLaren P1 turned heads wherever it went as you can see from this photo, and was used as the Course Car. Not sure that the black paintwork worked as well as some of the more lurid colours we see them painted in, but a magnificent bit of kit all the same. British engineering at its best.


After we had looked around the Paddock we ambled down to Madgwick Corner to capture the racing action. As this is the first corner on the circuit, it can get a bit fast and furious as they arrive in a pack.


Eye catching colour scheme on this fast Capri.


What was that about staying within the track limits?


You don't very often see a Volvo leading the pack, but here is the proof that it sometimes happens!


Celebrity chef James Martin, left the TV studios to head straight down to Goodwood to drive this fast Mini. 


Unlucky number for some, but this Ford driver didn't worry!


One of the strangest visors I have ever seen on a crash helmet!


Somebody forgot to tell this driver that it wasn't Rallycross this weekend!. As you can see, even when at the wheel of extremely valuable racing cars, the drivers still try very hard indeed.


After an earlier altercation, the driver had the door open for a fast escape.


Just to prove that it is not only the rally drivers that get a wheel airborne whilst competing.


With the big steering wheels you could actually see the drivers sawing away at the wheel as they coaxed the drifting cars round the corners. So much better to see than the invisible downforce of modern racers gluing them to the track.


Italians first and second, with an Alfa and a Lancia doing battle.

You can see how much space there was to view the action, and how close to the track you could get in the background here. If you were wondering about the bank of yellow daffodils all round the track, Lord March had 300,000 bulbs planted last year to give the track some colour. Now that is commitment.


The racing was very close at times, as these two rubbing shoulders illustrates.


One of Enzo's finest on three wheels.


The Big Cat taking its exercise.


Red Pocket Rocket putting its power down.


The one make Bugatti race must rate as one of the highlights of the meeting, and is something that I will remember for a very long time.


Think it is safe to say that the 57G 'Tank' Bugatti was not one of the prettiest designs to emerge from Molsheim, but I feel fortunate to have been able to see it in action.


Of course when you are trying really hard, things can often go wrong and you end up travelling in the wrong direction.


Swapping horsepower for Marshall power! As always at these events, huge thanks must go to the army of volunteers, whose sterling work allows these events to be held.


In racing, one person's misfortune is another competitors advantage, and the stricken car is soon overtaken.


Only Goodwood could have a DB5 as the safety car, everything was done with style!


The demonstration runs needed a pair of Pace Cars, and a pair of F40s fitted the bill nicely.


All looks a bit slab sided and weighty, when compared to the current F1s, but let us not forget that these beasts packed around twice the power of the current breed.


Scenes like this can't fail to get the old nostalgia going, can it?


Fastest knitted jumper advert ever, they used to say at the time!


Naturally enough, with these old cars being worked really hard, they will protest at their treatment occasionally as the smoke pouring out of this racer shows.


After a long, tiring day even a racetrack full of screaming fast cars couldn't stop this chap getting his afternoon snooze!


It really was a truly fabulous day out, great cars, close fast racing, no crowding and the usual Goodwood eye for detail, made this probably the best event I have attended there. Can't wait for the 73rd!


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HSTA Trial At Tetbury https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/3/hsta-car-trial-event-at-tetbury Although, as you are probably aware by now, I attend quite a few motorsport events, the opportunity to see a branch of the sport that I haven't already witnessed, was duly taken when we headed down to Gloucestershire, and the picturesque Chavenage Farm in Tetbury on March 16th. The event was organised by the Golden Valley Historic Light Car Club and although the entry wasn't huge it was a great fun event for all concerned.

The object of the Trial is to negotiate marked 'sections' with red markers on your right and blue markers on your left, with decreasing scores on the poles as you progress. You proceed through the section, not touching the poles or stopping, and the score is noted on the pole you are level with when you do grind to a halt, obviously the lowest score overall wins. Unlike most other forms of motorsport, time is not important but emphasis is on the skill of the crews.

Sunny weather was the order of the day, with a chilly breeze blowing to stop things overheating!


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm"

The Marshall keeping a beady eye on proceedings to make sure all is well!


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm"

The decreasing numbers on the poles can be seen as well as the ladies hair blowing in the breeze!


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" The hill expertly negotiated.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" As you can see, some of the hills were quite steep, and best not to use your cupholders in such circumstances!


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" The passenger moves around much like a sidecar passenger on a motorbike to get the weight in the right place.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" Teamwork is the order of the day.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" Hopefully the team can find enough grip and momentum to crest the hill.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" A selection of fetching hats were on display to protect the entrants from both the sun and the bite of the cool spring breeze.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" Keeping the hat in place.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" Getting a bit crossed up, but keeping forward momentum.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" Concentrating on cresting the hill.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" The co-driver giving directions.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" All under control in the sunshine.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm" No garish teamware or sponsor adorned driving outfits here.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm"

The strain on the mechanical components take their toll and a failed propshaft ends their day. Naturally other people's misfortune attracts photographers.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm"

Not all the entrants were overly sporty in their appearance.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm"

This BMW probably isn't the most obvious choice for a bit of off roading.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm"

Negotiating the gate at the end of the event on their way back to the paddock.


HSTA "Car Trials" Historic Sporting Trials Association" Tetbury "Chavenage Farm"

The glorious Gloucestershire countryside, with one of the sections visible in the top left.


We had a thoroughly enjoyable day watching the skillful exploits of the crews battling the terrain, proper grassroots motorsport without the overpowering commercial elements that are so evident in so many types of sport. If you haven't been to a car trial I suggest you get out there and have a look at one of the more obscure branches of the sport.


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Flooding In Windsor 2014 https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/2/flooding-in-windsor-2014 Had a trip over to Windsor today, Feb 16th 2014, to see the flooding in the area. Although the water levels had gone down a little from their mid week highs, there was still a lot of water about and the Thames was very high and flowing very fast. One nice surprise was the appearance of the sun and a nice clear blue sky, which was very welcome, after the weeks of relentless rain that we have had. We got there pretty early in the morning, parking in Alexandra Gardens and the first people that we saw were this pair of joggers, who appeared far too energetic for that time of the morning. Needless to say, I had no desire to join in!


The Fire and Rescue crews have been kept pretty busy lately, helping out in the floods locally, particularly Datchet and Wraysbury, but seemed pretty relaxed today as the water levels began to drop, so relaxed in fact, they had time for a group photo as they cruised past.


A pair of swans reluctantly posed for us. I wonder what they make of it as they swim into different territories with the river finding pastures new to take over?


The landing stage which normally links the pathway with a boat, allowing people to board, is now a river ornament as the water tries to take it over.


Just in case we didn't see enough water in Windsor, we stopped by the Jubilee Fountain situated in The Goswells. This is a recent addition to Windsor, installed in 2012 for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


We then walked over to the sports fields on Home Park to find most of the pitches underwater, and no doubt they will take some time to dry out enough to be used again. I hope these aren't Windsor RFC's new signings above, warming up on the pitch! Perhaps instead of rugby they should take up Water Polo.


Presumably, rain stopped play on the Cricket Pitch too! This building was totally marooned with water all around it.


A view across Home Park, as it does a good impression of Home Lake! The river itself is far off in the distance by the railway bridge to the right of this photo.


The river is not meant to be this wide, as can be seen by the location of the submerged seat and safety ring that should be on the dry bank. 


With all the trees bare and every other type of plant in its subdued winter state, the bright orange safety ring stand stood out even more than usual as the powerful sunshine lit it up.


If you followed this footpath today you would end up with very wet feet, and keeping your feet out of the water whilst sitting on the bench could prove tricky too!


Not only has this area been suffering from heavy rainfall recently, but there have been some pretty fierce storms with very high winds too, as can be seen by this sad sight of the cricket sight screens being blown over onto the adjacent tennis courts, causing more headaches for the local sports clubs.

Let's just hope that the water levels continue to drop, and the flood damaged homes and property around the area can begin to dry out. 


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Brooklands VSCC Driving Tests https://www.damp-pics.co.uk/blog/2014/2/brooklands-vscc-driving-tests It was a pleasure to see blue skies and some glorious sunshine for our day at Brooklands today for the VSCC Driving Tests. Lots of lovely pre-war cars, being put through their paces by their respective drivers. The tests consist of a route marked out with cones that have to be completed against the clock. Despite the age of the cars involved there was a lot of spirited driving being done! One of the main joys of attending this event, is seeing such a wide variety of machinery being used, some, more suited to the task in hand, than others.