Kicking Up The SprayKicking Up The Spray I will update my blog, as I go out and about, hopefully coming home with a few pics to share with you.

Castle Combe Autumn Classic

October 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On Saturday 7th October I headed down to Castle Combe for their Autumn Classic. As usual got their quite early and parked up literally 20 metres from the track, which means there is no long slog back to the car at the end of a tiring day. Although lacking the grandeur of some other classic events, it has a real feel of a small friendly club event, devoid of any pretensions and much better for that. With plenty of viewing up close to the track and plenty of space meant that moving around was no problem at all, as, wherever you stopped there was an empty bit of fence, to view the action over. The Paddock was open to all as well, so you could see the machinery up close, but don't be fooled into thinking that this is a lower rated event, there was some serious machinery there being driven by serious racers, resulting in proper hard fought racing.

The Weather Forecast had predicted rain and for once they were accurate and the circuit was awash with water at the start of proceedings.


But no starting behind a safety car or sitting in the pits for this hardened bunch as they couldn't wait to get out and splash around.


Water splashing everywhere.


More suited to swimming in rather than driving on!


This Ulster nearly underwater.


Almost floating on the water.


At least in the dark and gloomy conditions brightly coloured cars such as this stood out.


The mighty Mustang on a wet slippery track is really best only driven by the very brave!

Accelerating hard out of the corner, hoping that the rear tyres find some grip.


At least with the engine in the boot there is plenty of weight over the rear wheels to help traction.


Bombing down the straight.


At least the rain had stopped before this F1 car came out for a demonstration run.


A fierce wind soon began to dry the track out, much to many of the driver's delight. Not all the machinery was of the more exotic type, but the commitment was every bit as great.


The racing was very close at times.


The cat purrs along.


Three abreast fighting it out.


It may be small but it was very fast.


With a damp slippery track, not all the drivers were going to be pointing in the right direction all the time.


Obviously thought he had entered the RallyCross.


Despite the pouring rain at the start of the day, and it being so bad that it drowned my camera for the first time ever, which luckily sparked back into life after 45 mins in the drying wind, it really was a great day out. Great action and no crowding made it a date to put in the diary once again for next year. Many thanks to the Marshalls who stood out in terrible conditions and to the brave owners and drivers who put on such a good show.

Festival Of Speed 2017

July 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

With an alarm clock set for the early side of 5am on Thursday 29th June, it was time to head down to Goodwood for the Festival Of Speed. It has to be something very special to get the alarm set that early, and the FoS certainly is a very special event. For one thing it is absolutely huge, and would take far more than the one day I go for, to see it all. The diversity and quality of the cars on display is quite breathtaking, if you like any sort of vehicle then there will be something here for you to enjoy.


The boss, Lord March on his early morning inspection walk to make sure everything is as it should be.


First port of call for us was the paddock so that we could get up close to the cars before the crowds start arriving. As you will appreciate, the cars are very accessible.


A damp looking Porsche resting.


Time to admire the details.


Not one but four rampant cavallino's!


They may only be go faster stripes, but probably the most iconic ones ever!


Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity.


Vulcan AMR, in case you found the standard model a bit slow!


Porsche headlight.


Plenty to look at in the F1 paddock too.


Takes you back a few years doesn't it?


Lamborghini sporting a trendy matt paintjob.


Not all cars need to be kept clean, some wear their patina with pride, and rightly so.


Dirty business, this winning at Le Mans!


Not sure whether he was supposed to be in there or not.


Of course it is all very well looking at cars parked up, but they are undoubtably best viewed when they are on the move, especially when they are making so much noise that the ground shakes, like this one.


Just to prove that not all Porsche's are made for tarmac.


Jaguar decided to constantly wheelspin their F Types around this arena, filling the air with the smell of burnt rubber.


The off road brigade were very entertaining, and were determoined to get some 'big air'.


I do hope his food is safe in there, or is he making scrambled eggs on the go?


Big wheels and tyres for a hot hatch.


Kicking up the dust.


Watch out! Low flying car about!


As they used to say, 'You can, in a Nissan'.


The specialist suspension soaked up all that could be thrown at it without drama.


Think all the very long travel suspension has been used up at the front.

All in all a fantastic day out, with so much to see and an awful lot more I didn't see, looking forward to FoS 2018.

Prescott La Vie en Bleu

June 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday 27th May saw us heading down to Gloucestershire, to have a look at Prescott's event, La Vie en Bleu incorporating La Vita Rossa, which means French and Italian marques were to be the main focus of the event. However, there was a wide range of machinery on offer to enjoy, and a wide range of weather to match, from rain to blistering sunshine to a very cold breezes! 

Plenty of polishing and cleaning going on in the paddock, to present their pride and joy in the best possible condition.


The Italian contingent I presume!


Chain & sprocket of enormous proportions on the Beast Of Turin.


£2½ million of the finest automobile engineering in motion!


As the home of the Bugatti Trust, obviously the cars from Molshiem featured prominently on the agenda at Prescott.


Red wheels in motion.


There was also a fine selection of ERA's, to show what the English could do, too!


Bit lacking in creature comforts, but more than makes up for that in the fun department!


The mighty Beast of Turin, a frightening machine!


A Fast Frenchman!


An Opel Tigra, with a few modifications!


Mini On The Move.


Meaty Marcos in a colour assuring that you don't miss it.


No need to worry about the paintwork!


This Miura Jota recreation made a glorious noise attacking the hill!


Bugatti through the trees.


Yellow Ferrari flying along.


ERA in full flow, only to be driven by the very skillfull at this sort of speed!


May be lacking in tyre width but certainly not in commitment!


All too soon, even though we had enjoyed over 9 hours of great action, is was time for us to depart through the agricultural section!

A great fun packed day in a glorious part of the countryside, many thanks to all those that made it happen. If you haven't been to Prescott then I thoroughly recommend it, a lovely relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of room to move around and non stop action makes it a winmer all round.



WEC at Silverstone 2017

May 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Easter weekend found us heading up to Silverstone, for the Saturday, to see the WEC cars practise and qualify, followed in the afternoon by the 4 hour ELMS race. It was action all the way, from 9am until 6-30pm, and with plenty of room to move around, we had plenty of time to explore the circuit. With a freezing wind, the excercise was very welcome to keep us warm!

Flags were flying in the breeze!


Giving the transporter a polish up. 


With unlimited access to the paddocks, you were never quite sure what you would see whizzing round.


Peeking into the garages in the pit lane, we found all sorts of equipment lurking.


Spare parts of all descriptions could be viewed up close as the teams endeavour to cover any eventuality.


The only parts of the car to be in contact with the tarmac, are so very important.


The stars of the WEC show, the full LMP1 machines, packing around 1000 hp, literally flew around the track.


Rather confusingly, the two top teams, Porsche and as seen here Toyota, both sport similar red, black & white liveries.


The slower class of cars were swiftly dispatched by the LMP1s.


Although the next rung down, the LMP2's made a lovely noise.


The Ferrari being hunted down by the faster car.


One of the more interesting liveries.


Note the various aerodynamic devices to push the air around the car for maximum effect.


Look who is in the spotlight in the pit lane!


There was also a bit of single seater action to entertain us.


Now, I am no Adrian Newey, but even I can see that this might be a bit heavy on the front end downforce here!


Never one to walk past an interesting scene, I still have no idea whatsoever what this was all about!


Then, in the afternoon, we had the aforementioned ELMS race, like the WEC consisting of various classes of car.


Don't be fooled into thinking this sunny scene meant it was a warm day!


Lots of downforce ensure very fast cornering speeds.


Yellow and green, mean machine.


When viewed from this angle, you can begin to realise just how low the driver is in the car.


Every curve in the bodywork, has no doubt been designed for maximum efficiency.


The finest sounding machines of the whole day, a real baritone bark.


The racing really was this close as you can just make out the second car in the pic behind the red one.


Splashes of colour, all over the car.


Someone running off line created this dust cloud.


For some traditionalists, the only colour a Ferrari should be painted in!


Flat out and fearless!


A green Ferrari?? Ummhh!


With the various winglets on the front and the giant diffuser on the back, the car is literally being sucked down onto the tarmac.


A stricken car being lifted out of harms way.


Red cars in convoy.


Action all around.


Now that is what you call a proper rear wing.


Fastest ice cream wagon!

It really was a great day of action on the track, and along with the open to all paddock, I would highly recommend you give the WEC a visit next year.

Brooklands Museum Auto Italia 2017

May 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

On Saturday April 29th, we headed back down to Brooklands Museum, for their Auto Italia event, one of the most popular events hosted by the museum. The finest, and sometimes the not so finest, examples of Italian transport of all shapes, sizes and ages. A true eclectic mix resulting in there being something to appeal to everyone, from the Fiat 500's to the most exotic of Italian speed machines.


Making a glorious noise this Pantera was sure to make people look and listen.


The world's first true supercar, so they say. Not bad for a tractor maker!


Resting Maserati.


Now, those are go faster stripes.


Anytime, anywhere, I believe is what the adverts used to say.


Every corner you turned, you uncovered some more stylish gems.


Had a poster of this car on my wall when I was younger, still turns heads wherever it goes now, alas I don't!


Line of Lancias.


One of the more unusual vehicles on show.


A rather novel way of carrying your spare wheel around.


All from a bygone era.


Like my good self it seems that a Fiat 500 has grown outwards in recent years!


Looking rather mean and menacing.


At last I found some exotica, more suited to my budget.


Only need to see part of the rear to recognise a true icon!


One of the more unusual paintjobs on show.


Some of the restoration on show was simply stunning.


Refined elegance at its best.


There is always more than one solution to any one problem.


How low can you go?


Of course these fine cars are best viewed on the move, and over at MB World we were treated to just that.


Little pocket rocket.


A very famous OSCA.


All options covered.


Not sure if the extra weight in the boot is for better traction or not?


A very glamourous and expensive traffic jam as this convoy prepares to drive home.

Once again another superb event at Brooklands, many thanks to all the people that made it happen.

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