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Around Paddington Basin

March 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday Feb 26th I trained into London, to have a look around the redevelopment of Paddington Basin and surrounding area. A place I had been wanting to visit for some time, and I wasn't disappointed by what I found, which is always good. Starting off at Paddington Station, moving onto Paddington Basin, then walking along the canal to Little Venice, followed by a leisurely amble back to Paddington Station to catch the train home, was the itinery for the day. The only disappointment was the weather, a windy, grey, overcast day wth occasional showers, but then again it could have been a lot worse in February!

Some of the new development around the basin.


The only way to deliver supplies to the moored boats in the Basin.


Of course with any area undergoing substantial redevelopment, you are never far away from a crane.


The only way to build in these parts seems to be upwards.


Now making our way to Paddington Central, and the office workers obviously get hungry!


Glass and stone of all colours.


There will be water for the buildings to reflect in, along with some assorted discarded rubbish.


Trains on the line.


Everywhere you look up there are tall buildings to admire.


A very futuristic piece of architecture.


So many windows to keep clean.


Windows reflected in windows, patterns everywhere.


Horizontal meets vertical.


When in the capital, you have to take a photo of a red bus, to prove it is London.


Probably fair to say, not the prettiest selection of buildings you are ever likely to see.


The peaceful scerenity of Little Venice seems a world away from the office blocks around Paddington, but only a 10 minute walk brings you to this different world.


Colourful boats to brighten up the greyest of days.


With weary feet I made my way back to Paddington station.


I just love these old french vans, but do wonder if there is a single one left that hasn't been converted to a coffee wagon.


Travellers waiting on the platform.

As usual, on any trip to London there was a huge amount to see and take photos of, and can highly recommend a visit to this area for a day out.

VSCC Pomeroy Trophy At Silverstone

February 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On Saturday 18th Feb I headed to Silverstone to attend the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy, an event that has been running since 1952, and one that I have never managed to attend before. A light hearted but still very competitive for some season opener at Silverstone saw a morning of Driving Tests followed by a Regularity Time Trial in the afternoon on the full GP circuit. A more eclectic mix of cars competing you will probably not see at any other event, as long as it is road registered it is eligible. It was a bitterly cold, misty start to the day, and although the mist did eventually go away unfortunately the temperature never really moved upwards. 

Warm cups of tea and coffee were the order of the day, as competitors started to get ready for the day's events.


Cars began to be awakened and started to make their way down to the paddock holding area.


Some owner's cars took refuge in the pit garages.


As always, some last minute fettling before the action starts.


Racing numbers duly applied, along with tape over the headlights.


Last minute checks complete, and words of wisdom offered before the off.


Yes it really was that foggy!


Careful now don't exceed the pit lane speed limit!


Sophistication in motion through the Driving Tests.


MG on the move.


Cones safely negotiated.


Out on track for the afternoon's fun.


Mini motoring along.


The full GP circuit allowed the cars to really stretch their legs.


Onboard puncture replacement kit.


A joy to see a Bentley being used as it should be, no trailer queens here.


One of the more colourful entries, I do hope he removed the Labrador and antique furniture out of the boot before he started to rush around like this.


A bit of American muscle to make the earth rumble.


Austin Healey leading the pack.

Even with the cold and gloomy conditions a great day out, with a wide variety of machinery being driven enthusiastically, and a deserted Silverstone to wander around, what's not to like? Think 'The Pom' will be an event for me to visit each year from now on, and can highly recommend it to you all. Many thanks to all that made it happen, both to the hardened Marshall's that braved the elements all day, as well as the competitors for putting on such a great show.

VSCC Driving Tests At Brooklands Museum

January 29, 2017  •  1 Comment

As we headed towards the end of January, we found ourselves heading back to Brooklands Museum where they were hosting the VSCC Driving Tests on Jan 29th. A wide variety of pre WW2 era vehicles, tackled a number of tests, marked out with cones, against the clock. Although there wasn't a frost in the morning, I think it fair to say that it was still a cold day, made colder by the occasional rain shower, that helped to make the tests more slippery and challenging.

Of course before any competitor could go anywhere, the vehicles had to pass the Scrutineering.


Timeless cameos appeared around the Museum.


Yes, that would do me very nicely!


Little & Large


All right in white.


A very eyecatching paint job.


Now that is what old cars are all about, having fun in them.


A couple of spare wheels carried just in case.


Certainly not hanging around.


Bit of chassis lightening.


Carefully eyeing up which direction to head off to next.


Route card in eye line, or you could call it pre war sat nav.


Even some reversing was required.


Not all vehicles were low sprung and sporty.


Sublime sophistication of superb Alfa.


Traffic jam VSCC style.


Frazer Nash performing before a gallery of photographers.


MG on the move.


Bit of a lean.


Three wheel Morgan getting a move on.


Of course there is always a chance to catch up and have a natter among some engineering masterpieces.


An elderly engine getting some close inspection.


Then at the end of the day it was time to head home to get warmed up.

Another great day out at Brooklands Museum, many thanks to all those that made the day happen, and many thanks to the owners for bringing out their machinery and driving them with enthusiasm.

Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble

January 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sunday 8th January saw us driving up the M40, with a destination of Bicester Heritage for their first Sunday Scramble of 2017. It got off to a wet start but dried up the longer the day went on, which was good. A huge variety of vehicles descended on the former RAF airfield, to be displayed among the nostalgic wartime buildings, which are now being restored to house many businesses conected with classic cars and planes.


One of the smaller cars driving in.


An MG set for take off!


Always good to see a bit of American muscle out on show.


It really is a great setting to show your car off.


Probably more suited to a bit of Californian cruising in the sunshine, than having a bath in Bicester.


Fetching paint job.


Sometimes, simplicity has its own charm.


Not all have to be gleaming to have appeal.


Not forgetting the military.


Menacing Cobra in the shadows.


Patriotic engine bay of this immaculate piece of Italian engineering.


Room with a view!


Not the fastest car, but one of the cutest.


Steamy windows.


On of the nice featues of the Sunday Scrambles, is that many of the specialists open their doors for you to have a close look at their work.


Discussing the classics.


It is even nostalgic inside the buildings.


Pristine Austin.


Ready to be blasted.


Even the push bikes look very stylish.

Once again a great day out, many thanks to all those that made it possible. Look forward to the next one.


Brooklands Museum On New Years Day

January 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As the old year slipped away and we found ourselves on the first day of the new one, it meant only one thing, time to head to Brooklands Museum for their New Years Day event. A huge and diverse range of machinery filled up the Museum grounds, and there was surely something there for everyone to enjoy, whatever your favourite variety happened to be. 


Full of Gallic charm.


The historic banking soon started to fill up.


They came in all shapes and sizes.


A line of Lancias


And a row of Rovers


You have to admire the owners for bringing cars this immaculate out, on what was a pretty damp and dreary day.


Absolutely pristine Jaguar


There is always something at this event, that is truly unique and special, and this Citroen is a very rare thing indeed.


Of course some of the cars had a more 'weathered' look, and wore it with a charm all of their own.


Wouldn't have thought the speed bumps were much problem for this high rise special.


Back to basics.....


Sporting a very unique handbrake.


Remind you of anyone?????


You have to admire the level of craftsmanship that goes into a car to achieve a finish like this.


Here's looking at you.


Very racy.


Not forgetting the two wheeled fraternity.


Even some of the flying exhibits had been given a radical paintjob!


Vest with a message.


Even the Museum wildlife came out to have a look at the event.


As the rain got heavier, it was time to call it a day and head home. A fantastic way to start the year off, many thanks to all the staff and volunteers, and to the hundreds of owners who brought their pride and joys out for the day for us to admire.


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