Kicking Up The SprayKicking Up The Spray I will update my blog, as I go out and about, hopefully coming home with a few pics to share with you.

Along The River Thames

December 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On the afternoon of Sunday 4th December I went for a walk along the Thames from Boulters Lock towards Cookham. Being local, it is a walk I have done many times before, but on this afternoon the low winter sun was particularly effective at lighting up the opposite bank with a very pleasing, dramatic effect. The wintry sun brought out all the rich colours, better than I had seen before.

The different shades of colour on offer.


Golden colour really glistening in the sun.


The rich warmth of this foliage stands out from its surroundings.


What was particularly intriguing was how still the Thames was, at times replicating a calm lake, rather than a river.


A little bit of greenery amongst the leafless trees.


Charming Boathouse on the Cliveden estate.


Of course a few ripples make a pleasant change at times.


The colours on the water were the richest I have ever seen in this area.

Amazing to think that scenery as lovely as this is right on my doorstep, I was just very fortunate to be there when nature's lighting was so pleasing!


Boulters Lock, Maidenhead In The Autumn

November 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday 13th November, I headed down to the Boulters Lock area of Maidenhead, as the weather looked good, and I was in search of some Autumnal scenes. Although an area that I keep going back to, time and time again, I never get bored of the scenery in this area. 


Leaves by the River Thames provided a rich, multi coloured carpet for you to admire.


Although there were thousands of leaves that had alredy dropped onto the path there were still many more waiting to head earthwards.


I wonder how much longer this pile of vegetation will be able to cling onto the rock before the flowing water takes it downstream.


With the sun shining I began to concentrate on the richly coloured leaves still attached to the trees.


With the sun behind them the leaves really began to glow.


Even those leaves laying on the ground, still managed to pick up the sun's rays.


A proper glowing bunch!


Of course, even in the colder months of the year the river still provides relaxation for some hardy souls.


With the trees along the riverbank illuminated by the Autumn sun, the reflections were very interesting.


The famous Maidenhead Bridge basking in some afternoon sun.


Maidenhead's golden arches.


A rather abstract reflection of the bridge.

Think it safe to say that I did find some Autumn colours on my trip, and I feel very fortunate to have an area like this on my doorstep.


Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2016

June 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On a very wet and rainy Thursday we found ourselves heading back down to Lord March's front drive for our annual visit to the Festival Of Speed, and although the Thursday is classed as The Moving Motor Show, it offers most of the Festival's features with a much smaller attendance. We arrived nice and early just a few minutes after the gates opened, and after getting up before 5am one of the delicious organic bacon rolls and a cup of coffee woke us up enough to start taking in the sights!

The customary sculpture on the front lawn placed a BMW right outside an upstairs window of Goodwood House.


Heavy rain on highly polished bodywork of the Concourse cars must be a nightmare for the owners, but it is a delight for the photographers! Magnificent green Miura was the highlight for me.


Of course the vast majority of the cars in the paddock are immaculately presented as well.


You are never quite sure what is hiding behind the curtains!


Simply magnificent Macca.


Keeping the air flowing nicely.


There did in fact seem to be Porsches around every corner this year.


Seen a bit of use.


Futuristic curves on show at the BMW stand.


As the country was making a leap into the unknown with the Brexit vote, you could make your very own leap of faith at the Ford stand.


Not sure if they were being judged or not, but this forward roll was worth a fair few points I would have thought. Afraid to say I wasn't brave enough to try it.


With the amount of rain that had fallen during the day and beforehand, the ground was always going to get a bit boggy.


Wellingtons and unbrellas were the order of the day.


With Glastonbury being on the at the same time I suppose a lot of rain was inevitable.


You have to admire the great British spirit, rain falling, up to your knees in mud and water, but still queuing for an ice cream. Well it is the summer after all!


One way to keep your feet dry!


Camera and photographer fully waterproofed!


Probably best not to drop the soft top down.


Tricky wet and muddy conditions, and that was just in the parking area for the Rally cars.


Some cars are just so much more suited to these type of conditions than others!

Once again a good day out, pity about the bad weather, but you just have to make the best of it, with an awful lot of great machinery to see and admire.


Brooklands Double 12 2016

June 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On the weekend of June 18th/19th we headed to one of our favourite venues, Brooklands Museum,  for their Double 12 weekend, so named after the pre-war version of a 24hour race held there that had to be held over two days of 12 hours each as the Weybridge residents objected to the noise of the racing cars during the night, obviously the Le Mans residents are sounder sleepers! Anyway, when this event was resurrected a few years ago it was decided to include three elements, Sprint, Driving Tests and Concourse. A full weekend of activity to enjoy.

We started at the Sprint Track on the Saturday over at Mercedes World, where the normal early morning preparation and gossip catch up was under way.

The Brooklands bus you can just see in the background was put to good use ferrying us spectators around the circuit.

  Lovely subtle finish on the bodywork of this racer.

The three wheelers are always entertaining to watch.


As you can see the cars taking part came in all shapes and sizes.


From the very aerodynamic.


To the very large.


And the rather more sedate style.


Of course with cars of this age, there is bound to be some mid session fettling required.


Even the bus from the  Museum seemed to have acquired a fair turn of speed.


On the Sunday we returned to find all sorts of vehicles for us to enjoy, such as this line up of immaculate Jaguars.


Many shades of blue.


A rather impressive line up of C5's.


As it was indeed Father's Day on the Sunday, this plate seemed rather appropriate.


The sporting activity started up again with the Driving Tests, some of which were along the hallowed banking underneath the famous bridge.


Navigators are very important in these tests, as team work is vital, and clear instructions such as this turn left signal are appreciated by the driver.


Classic cars were being enjoyed by all generations.


It does indeed appear that the passenger is holding on!


The third element, the Concourse, obviously requires much polishing, and last minute dusting was the order of the day.


Anything that should be shiny does in fact need to be very polished.


Even under the bonnet has to be prepared with much care and skill.

​A great weekend of classic motorsport, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Many thanks to all those that worked to make it happen, and special thanks to the owners of the machinery for bringing them out and using them as they should be used.

Gurston Down Hillclimb

May 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So, on Saturday May 28th a group of us headed down to Wiltshire, to watch a bit of hillclimbing at Gurston Down, where the elite of British Hillclimbing were battling it out for honours. With 130 entrants it was a full programme of varying types of machinery. Despite an indifferent weather forecast the day stayed dry and warm, which was a bonus. The farm setting amongst the Wiltshire hills is always a picturesque venue for motorsport.

Some rather exotic racing machinery nestled amongst the farm buildings. 


As always in motorsport tyres are very important and much tyre preparation was going on in the paddock when we arrived.


It's a generation thing!


Old farm machinery makes a great backdrop!


Fuelling up, ready to go.


A proper tea tray, if quite an expensive one.


Driver and camera fully focused.


Then they were off, with just under a kilometre of tarmac to cover in the least possible time.


Wings, slicks, light weight and plenty of power make these machines very potent indeed.


Rolling countryside and fast moving cars.


Just look at the width of that rear wing.


Attacking the hill with full commitment.


Look at how close to the action spectators are, and how much room there is to roam around, which makes for fantastic viewing.


One of the more 'normal' looking machines.


Just about the fastest Mini I have ever seen, frighteningly fast.


Of course, what goes up must come down, and once the competitors have done their timed run, they wait at the top before coming back down again in a group.


The ability to corner quickly is just as important as raw power to catapult them down the straights.


Ready to attack the approaching corner.


Hurtling through the undergrowth.


Two men, a marshall and a racing car!


Total commitment, using every inch of the track and a little more.


This spectating can obviously be very tiring.


At the end of the day it was time to put the cars to bed ready for the next day's action.

Although Gurston Down is one of the lesser known motorsport venues I can't recommend it highly enough. A superb location, plenty of room to move, and seriously fast machinery make it a great day out.


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